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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Clay's review of: RM-20 Cyberjet Set

Name: Delta Seeker
Allegiance: Cybertron

Name: X-Gunner
Allegiance: Destron

Takara returns to the neglected G2 Cyberjet molds with this set release. The molds are those of the F117A attack plane, and the 'reverse-wing' style jet which never really made it past the test stages.

The set also includes four missles of the same yellow hue as the original 1995 releases. Absent, however, are any 'extra' weapons that were available with previous Robot Master releases.

Vehicle Mode:
Both toys are great in jet mode. Delta Seeker features a funky little eagle motif, and X-Gunner forgoes the fancier decals in favor a simple grey look. Of course, they're disguises only work from the top down, but that's something I'm usually willing to overlook. As long as they look like something other than a robot from at least one angle, I'm happy.

Robot Mode:
Here's where the differences really become despairing. X-Gunner remains wonderful, posable, and sturdy, but Delta Seeker just doesn't want to stay together. The universe counterpart, Air Raid, stays together, but is made of notoriously cheap plastic. It seems this mold just can't win of late.

But X-Gunner is fine in every way possible for a little transforming toy: durable, well articulated, and just neat to look at.

Transformation: 7 - Cyberjets are pretty well thought out... good marks here.
Durability: 8 - Pretty solid little guys. They won't break if they fall off the shelf.
Fun: 5 and 10 - It would really, really help Delta Seeker if he would just stay together...
Price: 5 - Around $20. Expensive for two basic-range toys, but cyberjets haven't been repainted much, either. If you can find the Universe repaints for cheaper, go for it.
Summary: 6.5 - Great set, and two great little molds. The only problems are the price, and the aformentioned complaints about Delta Seeker's not-staying-together-tude. Considering he's half the set, it's a bummer.

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