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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
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Clay's review of: RM Double Face

Name: Double Face
Group: Destron
Function: Gas-Guzzler

Part of every line is, inevitably, repaints. I'm sure that we've all asked 'why?' from time to time, and the answer is this: money. Assume these little transformers cost quite a bit of R&D for Has/Tak to come up with. If so, once they have a toy mold, it's more cost efficient to use the thing more than once. In that light, it makes more sense why the various lines re-use toy molds - new and old. Robot Masters is no exeception, which leads us to the following example: Double Face.

Bike mode:
Double Face is a little purple Harley. The Destrons finally have a nice ride to cruise around in, even if Megatron looks a little ungainly. There's not a whole lot to this mode: like most Transformer alternate modes that are somewhat based on a real vehicle, there's not a lot of extra gimmicks packed into it beyond the whole 'robot in disguise' thing that's assumed anyway. It is a neat little bike, though, and I do prefer it to Road Rocket, even if Cyberjets have a harder time riding it.

Robot mode:
I like the robot mode, for a couple of off-beat reasons. First, the knees are backwards like many-a-tin can from Mechwarrior, so that's a positive in my book. The second thing is the little light-up blaster. The effect is pretty simple, but it works pretty darn well: a wrist-mounted death ray that lights up the doom of opposing Cybertrons. That's not too abstract a scenario for a fellow such as Double Face, the chicken-walking, death-ray wielding, purple avenger of the second-tier toy shelf. Anyway, the final thing is the head sculpt is reasonably menacing with all that mascara. He's acting the part of the avenger, at least. No extra weapons are furnished, though, as was the case with the earlier RM repaints.

Transformation: 10. Well thought-out, light-up gimmick works well, realistic alternate mode, and a neat robot mode with ball-joints. No deterring features.
Durability: 7. Beware the loose cord...
Fun: 9. Much more interesting than I first thought.
Price: 4. Well... maybe one deterring feature...
Overall: 8. Great little figure, overall. If you don't have the mold already (it's been repainted several times), and can find this one for cheap, pick it up. It'll grow on you.
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