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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
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Ultimate Weapon's review of:
Robot Masters Convoy (Special Ed.)

Name: G1 Convoy
Function: Leader
Quote: "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings."
Tech Spec: Rank 10, Power 8, Defense 10, Stamina 10, Speed 8.

"It's the new world where metallic warriors gathers… Join the Robot Masters and let the battle begin!"

Alternate Mode:

Robotmasters-10: Generation 1 Convoy is quite a fantastic toy that is similar to Masterpiece Convoy. The vehicle mode of course is a diesel freightliner model. It rolls around good on a flat smooth surface. It's not much of an eye-appealing alternative, but it gets the job done. The only distinctive piece that holds the chest chassis to the torso, is small and hidden away. The space between the legs and arms is not a big eyesore at all. The grill does not attach to the front bumper. A small half circle is on the legs suggesting a trailer could fit into it.

Robot Mode: (review)

As usual Convoy is a class act all the way. This figure is usually a fan favorite for over 20 years. And can be considered a centerpiece character for any collection. Shiny red metallic paint glistens the upper torso and arms. Yellow eyes peer from beneath the helmet cap. Two Autobot symbols embellish the right and left shoulders. Overall the paint job is flashy yet will not flake. No detail was left off in the paintjob. Yellow markings appear on the front hips, arm panels and tailgate lights. As always Prime shines through as an icon from a times past.

The figure is extremely posable, but not to the extent of annoyance. It allows for all the poses you would basically need for a Prime, without an overkill of moves. The knees bends back at a 90-degree angle. The hip is a ball socket that allows for a full quarter kick. The rear motion does not get the same range and is halted by the truck's front bumper. The upper body has a full 360 range of movement. The shoulder socket is a ball joint. Below which the arm can move all the way around. The elbow can move up or down. The hand is basically a hole to hold the gun. The head moves up and down and from left to right. You will have no problems in standing him upright. Crouching postures can be attained but will fall over in a traffic area on your desk.

Transformation: 5

Lift up the chest abdomen and the whole top will lean back a little. Then swing the upper half back 180 degrees. Push the legs up and connect them together. The toes are folded straight. The fist folds into the arm to reveal the headlights. Swing the arm back and into place. Making sure to pivot the rest of the arm inwards. This motion pushes up the sides that hang down from the cab section. Then are now visible through the windshield. Rotate the head to the rear and push into the top. Over all the transformation is simple in its nature. Nowhere near the innovation found in the 20th anniversary Prime. Over all you will lose interest in its design, and concentrate more on the robot mode. I rate this figure a 5 because it is neither easy nor difficult. Yet the simplicity lands it in the middle. Compared with other Primes this one fits nicely above and below the rest.

Durability: 9

It's no accident that this figure is built worthy of an Optimus Prime. Compared with the rest of the line I know this figure will stand out more. Not once did any pieces fall off or break. I do not know if I could say the same thing about Beast Wars repaints. Toys should be made to last, and this figure addresses that issue. The joints are tight and crackle when moving. This figure feels like a new era of toys, made to stand the test of time.

Fun: 8

How much are you willing to let a toy entertain you? Much less one shaped like a character some either hate or love. Devoting a personality into an object is an abstract notion. That's why we have accessories! Robotmasters Convoy comes with the standard ax, two missile launchers that have a good range, an extra pair of fists, (Which can be switched out to hold the missile launcher). Putting Prime into various poses is fun until you go do something else.

Price: 5

I paid $30 for the one I have. It contains a DVD, which I have not viewed yet. The other version was $25 yet contained a different paint scheme and a gray colored gun. The metallic one I suppose is a homage to the toy rather than the anime.

Overall: 7

Overall the figure is great but you do not have to purchase it in order to enjoy a decent Prime figure. By any means it will certainly not be the last, yet it is a nice addition.

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