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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Clay's review of: THS Galaxy Convoy

Line: Transformers Hybrid Style
Name: Galaxy Convoy
Function: Cybertron commander / surrogate Robot Master

Within the mixture of a dozen simultaneous Transformers lines from Takara, something new has popped up, and somewhat under the radar: the THS line, and with it, a tiny, super-detailed version of the already-new Galaxy Convoy. I flip-flopped quite a few times before ultimately deciding to pursue the thing, and now that I've got it, I'm quite happy with the little guy.

Basically, the line is supposed to (taking a guess with this; this is only figure to surface so far) consist of small, very detailed, over-articulated versions of larger toys, complete with die-cast metal parts and working gimmicks. The price of the little guy is inflated a bit, too, but after getting to eye the thing over in person, it's easy to see where that extra money goes. Not only is it a fully-working transformer toy, but it also has the detail of a statue or bust.

I suppose the creation of this line/toy is due to the apparent success of the collector lines like Binaltech and reissues, as well as the pocket-sized figures of Robotmasters. Whatever the reason, the end-product obviously took a great deal of work to yield something this neat in such a small package. And I like it!

Vehicle mode
Galaxy Convoy's vehicle mode is basically a big red fire truck from outer space. I suppose the rationale of Galaxy Force alternate modes is to show what the Transformers look like back on Cybertron - and also avoid any licensing fees associated with real vehicles in the process. The only detracting feature of this strategy - and nothing specific to this toy - is that they're really not "Robots in Disguise".

But, enough of that. The toy is pretty well-concieved, regardless. It does a decent job of saying "I am representative of what Optimus Prime looked like while still on Cybertron". You can tell that from not only the blue/red color scheme, but also the overall design of the cab. The big, grey guns are new, though. In terms of shear aethetics, it looks like... I don't know. But, that's a flaw shared by the larger toy, too.

There's also a flying-truck mode. The pieces that the guns are mounted on can rotate and fold out, forming wings. It pretty obvious that this mode was tacked on as an afterthought considering the wings are for the super-robot mode, and definately not this one. Still, since they are used for that, this whole mode can omitted if it bothers too much.

Robot mode
The bread and butter of this little guy, and good bread and butter at that. The little Galaxy Convoy has two robot modes, just like the big one; a normal one, and 'super-mode' using the trailer and other bits.

The basic robot mode stands about chest-high to the average Robot Master. It has articulation and detail out the wazoo though, and there's no part where attention has not been paid. Best of all, the little thing can still transform into a truck without completely dismantling it.

The super robot mode is about eye level to a Robot Master. The trailer actually snaps on around the shoulders, and the big guns that swing under have little grips on them for GC to hold. The little force chips included do actually work, triggering the little spring-loader functions on the big guns.

The only real snag to the whole set is the amount of extra parts. It comes with four sets of hands, each molded to a different position, and a seperate head for the super mode. Normally, the 'extra head' bit is pretty standard for combining transformers, but the big Galaxy Convoy offered something new and unique: a transforming head for the bigger mode. Obviously, this figure is far too small to install all the parts necessary to reproduce the gimmick and still mount it on a ball joint, but it would have been nice. (I'm sure the designers probably tried, too).

On the whole, even with those complaints, this is a fantastic figure. I've avoided stating the obvious high points to keep from sounding like a broken record, but they're here in two forms: movement and detail. This is probably the nicest sculpt of any transformer, ever. But, it's probably meant to be, as well.

Transformation: 8. Pretty simple and straightforward.
Durability: 5. Many small parts require an Altoid tin locker.
Price: 7.5. About the same as the big version.
Fun: 9. It fits in well with all the Robot Master Convoys.
Overall: 8.5. This kind of figure is targeted towards a very specific market, but if you're reading this review, you're probably in it, so have no fear.
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