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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Osku's review of: Break

Name: Break
Allegiance: Cybertron
Function: Polar Operative
Sub-Group: NA

Taken from BWTF, translated by Doug Dlin and Neale Davidson:
Amazingly strong in coldness, Break gives full play to his abilities on frigid worlds. He is bold and quick to lose his temper, but is also fiercely concerned for his comrades. The Break Anchors he launches from his right arm are massively destructive. Break loves bathing in ice water and is quite tidy.

Break was a part of Japanese Beast Wars Neo toyline that had some very interesting choices for animal alternate modes; snake, rabbit, sea snail and penguin to mention a few. For some reason I've always liked penguins, and when I found an ebay-seller who sold BWNeo toys at a cheap price and Break was included, I didn't hesitate. Though the fact that Big Convoy was also available mattered as well...

Alternate Mode:
Break's alternate mode is more precisely a king/emperor penguin, which can be seen from the yellow part in the chest. This mode is either hit or miss for the buying audience. Penguin mode is more or less only a shell, and the only parts that move are head, wings and feet. And their movement is very limited. In short, not very fun mode if you don't happen to like penguins. I love them and it just looks nice with a detailed "fur", even if you can't much play with it. Also having a small amount of pingus from a game opens lots of fun display possibilities.

The fun part for some people seems to be that the missile is stored near the bottom in this mode and it can be launched, but only if it's listed from the ground. One member of TFArchive, who shall be left un-named, called this attack on the forum "super mega poop attack".

Robot Mode:
Changing Break to robot mode for the first time isn't very difficult if you're familiar with the logic of BW toys. In short you open the belly, drop down back side, lower and turn robot feet and try desperately get the hands and "shoulder pads" look good.

For a basic size toy Break is very convincing in robot mode. Robot body is normal slender humanoid figure with a nice mix of black, white and little bit of blue. Face sculpt is well done keeping the bird theme present. A warrior for arctic areas, yes. I'm not sure how people count the articulation points, but those that matter IMO are 11. Break can be displayed well, despite its big and heavy gun arm.

Problem with robot mode is where to store penguin shell parts. Designers have solved this by flipping the belly to back side and out of the way, upper and lower front parts become (a bit too big) shoulder pads and back side becomes Break's robot hands. The smaller left hand is some sort of shield, but luckily also a proper hand with a fist was sculpted. The right hand is about twice the size of left one. The reason for this is that the weapon mechanism is placed there. The weapon is actually a missile launcher and the faction crystal is also placed there. It'd be very good, but for some reason the weapon can't be detached, or if it can be detached I haven't dared to use enough force. I'd also have prefered them not to add orange colour to the figure.

Despite the few problems the tricky alternate mode brings, robot mode is just the kind I want from basic size toys. Good looking, poseable, fits the alternate mode's theme. Excellent.

Weapon Mode:
Break also has a weapon mode, that's basically a bit opened animal mode. Bigger robots, as Break is too heavy for other basic size toys, can grab the pegs in penguin wings and use Break as a missile launcher. Adds play value, but not much else, unless you're a fan of "super mega poop attack".

Transformation: 8 - Pretty easy but innovative and funny for experienced. Little trouble getting hands and shoulders looking good. Transfomation to penguin mode requires a bit of more careful twising, but nothing frustrating.
Durability: 9 - Appears to be durable. Not many parts to break, if treated well and not thrown around.
Fun: 9 - If you like penguins, 7 if you don't. Robot mode excellent for play, animal mode not that much.
Price: 8 - I got mine in a lot. Korean Songkong version, mint in unopened box. With posting overseas, approximately 8 dollars. No idea if it's consided cheap or expensive.
Summary: 9 - If you can get one for reasonable price, get it.

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