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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:

Knightdramon's review of: BT-11 Ravage

Name: Ravage
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Sabotage

I still remember seeing the first pictures of Ravage on the net. I can't recall the exact month [august or september], but he was rumoured to be either a convention exclusive or a photoshoped picture. Furthermore, a lot of fans moaned over the fact that a cassete bot was given a humanoid body. Seems like the chevrolet mould was made to cause these arguements!

Months later, those rumours were proved wrong. Alternators Ravage was released early in February in the US. Binaltech Ravage took a bit longer, which is acceptable, considering that the story had to be written, higher production costs involved in the package etc.

Originally, after reading Grim's booklet, I thought that Ravage would also be infected by the same 'disease'. I'm glad I was proven wrong. This is the fused being of both Casseticon Jaguar and X-9 Jaguar [BW]. I was both impressed and amused by that bold move, as I could finally get a character I never owned before for about half the price his former selves go for.

So, let's not waste any more time and get on with the review, shall we? Once again, I'll be innovative and go with the packaging first.

Like all his predecessors, Ravage comes in a fairly small and neat box. Almost 3/4 the size of the alternator's version box, you just know it's meant for display. White uniformity is dominant here, along with a picture of the toy in robot mode. I far prefer this from the sketches used in alternators, as it is more dynamic and less 'bulky'.

The contents are the same: white display case, Ravage, booklet, collector's card and weapon. The manga drawing in the instruction booklet is excellent and really adds to the whole package. The collector's card drawing doesn't fall behind, being extremely well-drawn [and at a pose the figure can achieve!]

Overall, as with all other Binaltechs, the packaging gets a 10 out of 10 from me.

Vehicle Mode:
I don't know why, but the remoulds of this line end up looking much better than the originals. Ravage comes transformed in the same vehicle as Tracks, a Chevrolet Corvette Z06 convertible. Tracks was a hardtop, so this is the biggest change of the mould.

However, it's amazing what a new paintjob can do to an "old" figure. Instead of being yellow [or blue] Ravage features a traditional Decepticon colour: black. The paint used here is much glossier than Dead End's, ending up making Ravage extremely cool looking.

Another difference from the previous bot of this mould is the colouring of the hubcaps. Now in the shape of a star and chromed, they add to the sleek look of the car. They even went as far as to paint the brake parts [red ones] a different, darker shade. Nice detail that could be overlooked.

What's more, part of the cockpit is remoulded as well. The seats are thinner this time [apparently missing the 'casing'] and the part behind them has bumps.

Finally, the rear part still retains the characteristic rectangular shape with oval lights. His exhaust pipes stand out because of the new black colour used on the main body.

All in all, the vehicle mode is top notch. If it wasn't for the gray missile launchers in the cockpit being visible when you open the doors, it would be perfect. Now all it is is near perfect...

Robot Mode:
Breaking from the traditional mould of humanoid face bots in the line so far, Ravage debuts as a humanoid body with an animal head. Quite an original concept in this line.

Since the only noteable difference from Tracks is the robot head and the colour scheme, I'll go ahead and review Ravage normally, without any comparisons to his mould brother.

Ravage has black legs with red details, then the colour changes to gray for the thighs. The thighs are really thin and long when compared to the rest of his leg, but the doors on the side somehow help on that aspect.

They don't help on another aspect-posing! They get in the way if you want to move the legs laterally, and the front part of the car hanging from the back of the legs restricts other poses as well.

The solution? Have the doors point upwards [as if you didn't transform them at all from car mode] and tuck them behind the shoulder pieces. Problem solved, mostly.

Ravage spots the biggest Destron\Decepticon insignia in the BT line so far. It looks really nice on the black false canopy, which in turn contrasts nicely with the grey chest panel and chromed tubes running up.

His arms have limited articulation when compared to the newest model in the line, Overdrive. Basically, his arms cannot point sideways without having to manipulate his shoulders a lot. With black for shoulders and wrists, he once again has a nice contrast with the gunmetal gray on the rest of the arm. His hand cannons are painted in a really nice tone of red that's almost shiny.

The missile launchers are missing one point of articulation [the launcher back pack, not them] that's been altered into slightly moving the seats forward. As a result, the backpack hasn't got the range of motion previously seen on this mould.

The head sculpt is fantastic, being a fairly polygonal combination of BW Ravage and the cartoon version of G1 Ravage. It can rotate without a problem, and even tilt to the sides. The jaw has a point of articulation, but it opens in such a motion that it's barely noticeable. Apparently, the head can also look upwards completely because there's nothing obstructing the ball joint [no cover] but mine can't do it. Maybe if it's pushed forward?

And finally, no transformer is ever complete without his weapons. Besides the handcannons, Ravage can hold the traditional gun formed from his engine, and the missile launchers over his shoulders! The launchers are fully adjustable with the help of two points of articulation on each, but I don't see the reason you'd want them to point to the sides...

To sum things up, Ravage is another prime example of how remoulds should be in any transformers line. He might have the least amount of mould changes [compare him to Dead End], but the colour scheme and the extra changes seem to work. Recommended for collectors or people who didn't have a chance to buy Tracks. The "he's supposed to be an animal not a humanoid bot" is for diehard fanboys who always have to whine about something. I say that he's good enough to lead the Decepticons of the line until Shockwave comes along.

Transformation: 9. Crappy legs transformation. The fact that the joints were ultra stiff didn't help.
Durability: 7. Some paint was absorbed on the wrapping strap that was with him in the box. Those parts seem okay now, but back then, it made a bad impression on me. What's more, I accidentaly forced on shoulder part to bent, resulting in a disproportionate trunk. Nothing major, but still...
Fun: 8. If you're a 'Con lover, you're going to have fun with this articulated, heavily armed version of Ravage. The fact that he's BW Ravage only adds to the fun.
Price: 7. He's still new. Retail price is around 44-46 dollars. Don't let stores take you for a sucker by asking 54 for him!
Summary: 8. I can't give him a different score than Tracks. Nice 'bot mode, good articulation, few flaws. Highly recommended if you can get past the fact that he's no longer a four legged cat.

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