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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Sir Auros' review of: Turbofire

Name: Turbofire
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Supplies & Transport
Sub-Group: NA
"Never give an inch!"

Utterly dependable and stolid. Note quick-witted, but works away at a problem until he finds a logical answer. As a vehicle, his engine block converts to a powerful weapon. As a robot, uses it to defend with Super-Autobot courage!

Like Windbreaker, Turbofire's a character that found his way into my collection because I basically took it from one of my brothers. I swear I'll ask them one day if they want their Christmas 1993 Transformer presents back. Generation 2 had some great figures and used a lot of gimmicks seen in toys at the time. The gimmick with this figure was that his gun became his weapon which is something we're seeing a lot of now with the Alternators line.

Vehicle Mode:
Turbofire looks like a futuristic, hotrod pickup truck with pink flames and a chromed up engine sticking out of the hood. Somehow turquoise and pink works for the figure, but I'm not too fond of the word Autobot and the G2 Autobot symbol across half the windshield. The robot mode's feet are visible in the truck bed, and I can't imagine what we're supposed to think they are in this mode. The figure's fun to play with as a vehicle in this mode and that and looking decent are really what this bit's all about, so I don't have a lot more else to say about this mode.

Robot Mode:
First off, Turbofire's head is perfectly sculpted. The head also has the translucent plastic for the visor that we started seeing so much in G2 and have seen in many of the lines since. It doesn't work, it almost never works, but it's still strangely interesting. I think Turbofire's robot mode looks pretty good. It has very little articulation, but that was never something that bothered me when I played with it because it just looked so cool. I'm a big fan of Transformers using the front of their car mode as their chests and parallel to the ground rather than perpendicular. The gun still looks like an engine in this mode, but at least Turbofire has a weapon. The arms are kind of puny and look like really cheap plastic. I like Turbofire's robot mode. It was fun to play with when I was a kid and I think it looks good enough to display now.

Transformation: 8 - Simple, classic, but doesn't do the best job hiding the robot mode.
Durability: 8 - Not bad, but we did lose the gun at some point.
Fun: 9 - Fun vehicle mode and a cool-looking robot mode.
Price: 6 - Not sure what it cost when my parents bought it for my brother for Christmas '93, but the only times I've seen it on ebay outside of a larger lot it was going for $5-$10.
Summary: 9 - A G2 gem.

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