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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Alternate Mode:
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Sir Auros' review of: Space Case

Name: Space Case
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Aerial Recon
Sub-Group: Cyberjets
"My mind may be slow, but I move like greased lightning!"

Speed greatest asset - intelligence greatest liability. Screeches through the sky at Mach 5. Flunked flight school twice, eventually forged himself a passing grade. Escapes Autobot artillery thanks to plasma-powered engines. Powerful missile launcher only reason he has eluded capture... and destruction.

Ah, Space Case, my childhood Starscream substitution. Yes, it's true, peruse my writeup about my collection for more of the awful truth. I didn't have many G1 figures and even when G2 came out, I couldn't convince my parents to buy me as many of the figures as I'd like. That and Nintendo was taking up the bulk of my birthday and Christmas gift budgets. I'm still kicking myself for not buying all the Cyberjets when I had the chance. I believe I got Space Case and the other Decepticon Cyberjets from Big Lots for a mere $2.50, half-price. I should've bought every one that was in the store because these things are easily among the best Transformers ever, and I'm quite pleased that at least one of them is being released in the Universe line. Sadly, that one, Space Case, is only available with Universe Soundwave and the thing's nearly impossible to find right now.

Vehicle Mode:
Space Case is one of those funky jets with the "backwards" wings and looks pretty good. The paintjob is very 90's and the robot mode is so pitifully hidden if you only flip the figure over and look at the underside. The design's pretty good though and I like the clear plastic they used for the cockpit. I would say though that out of the three Cyberjet molds, Space Case has the weakest vehicle mode. Compared to a stealth bomber or an F-14 (or whatever Hooligan's based on), Space Case just isn't as inspiring. His alternate mode isn't really ugly though and the paintjob still cracks me up and makes me feel warm inside.

Robot Mode:
Super articulated, has a missile launcher, great sculpting, the translucent plastic in the head actually produces the desired effect. There's nothing bad at all about the robot mode. Well, the stickers come off, but that's it. The only major place that the figure isn't articulated is in the hips, but you can put it in just about any pose you'd like. I'm finding it hard to say much more about this mode simply because it's just so damned great.

Transformation: 9 - The Cyberjets all have pretty good, well-designed transformations.
Durability: 10 - Ball and sockets baby!
Fun: 10 - Ball and sockets baby! Also missiles.
Price: 10 for me, 7 for the rest of you. Your options are to go to ebay and pay more than it cost originally (or hope you luck out in a large lot) or buy it coupled with Universe Soundwave (which really doesn't look like a bad deal).
Summary: 10 - Cyberjets were amazing. How funktastic would it be if they'd make 7" tall versions of these things? Also, his tech spec cracks me up.

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