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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Sir Auros' review of: Jetstorm

Name: Jetstorm
Function: Co-ordinator
First cartoon appearance: N/a
"The best thing in life is sweet revenge"

He is a bully, a tyrant and universally hated because he tries to get his way all the time, if he doesn't he becomes extremely vengeful. However, he is indispensable at coordinating the unit with grim efficiency. As a car, he stays long and low with cunningly concealed water firing capabilities that convert to "extra reach" firepower in robot form.

Jetstorm is my favorite out of the three color changers I bought as a kid and was my favorite G2 figure until the cyberjets came out. With well-designed vehicle and robot modes and a good color scheme and play value, it's not too difficult to see why either. The transformation was a little different at the time, but not difficult.

Vehicle Mode:
I'm still not sure what exactly Jetstorm's vehicle mode is supposed to be. I think it's some sort of racing dune buggy or something along those lines. Whatever it is, it's a short, one-person vehicle that looks sporty and is covered in racing stickers. The water-filled backpack and gun work in this mode as the back of the car and front spoiler respectively. It's pretty sharp and doesn't have any major design problems.

Robot Mode:
I've had this figure displayed in robot mode for so long that the tube running from its backpack to the gun is permanently bent. I think Jetstorm has a fairly detailed robot mode for a G2 original and the only aesthetic issue I could see someone having is that his legs are connected together at the feet. Other than that, I must say it's a pretty keen figure. Certainly not much articulation, but that seems to be fairly common in the first series of G2 figures that weren't simply re-releases of earlier G1 molds. I prefer the robot mode to the vehicle mode because this figure does have a very nice looking robot form.

Transformation: 7 Easy transformation, but the arms may surprise you on the first transformation.
Durability: 8 Pretty solid, but some stickers on the arms seem apt to peel and the color change gimmick stops working after several years.
Fun: 9 Pretty good fun for one of the earlier, original G2 offerings.
Price: 7 I've seen an odd Jetstorm or two sell for more than I've seen a Drench or Deluge, but mine was quite cheap due to markdowns at the time. Not worth much more than $10 though.
Overall: 8 Best of the color changers and several notches above some of the other molds created for the first series of G2 figures, but not up to par with some of the G1 remakes that were in the same line.
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