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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:
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Sir Auros' review of: Hooligan

Name: Hooligan
Function: Hit and Run
Sub-Group: Cyberjets

First cartoon appearance: N/a
"I'll break your funny bone!"

Mischievous troublemaker and practical joker. Attempted to land and disrupt recent shuttle launch from Earth - plan thwarted by Autobot intervention [Aerialbots launched a flak attack chasing him away from Kennedy Space Center]. Likes to fire missile launcher in front of commercial airliners. Sometimes goes too far - was nearly dismantled after putting sugar in Megatron's fuel tank.

The Cyberjets were probably among the best molds to come out of the G2 series and this particular figure was always my favorite out of the three basic molds that were used for both Decepticon and Autobots. The figure manages to have an excellent robot and vehicle mode and balances very well, something the other two molds don't quite seem to manage. I bought this figure when it was dirt cheap (99 cents), and in retrospect, I wish I had bought out the store to create an army of Cyberjets. Of course, hindsight is 20/20, and at the time of purchase I was just a kid without any money anyway.

Vehicle Mode:
The more realistic of the molds, Hooligan had a contemporary fighter-jet shape, but with a completely off the wall paintjob. Bright orange with tiger stripes. If it were any louder I'd need a hearing aid. The retractable wings were a plus and the vehicle mode ends up being just as sharp as the robot mode, which isn't a conclusion I usually reach with any Transformer. I do have one complaint with the vehicle mode and that is that the removeable fins on the jet are extremely easy to lose mainly because it's very hard to keep them in place, so any extended play with the figure risks losing them somewhere.

Robot Mode:
This is where the Cyberjets really shine. The robot mode uses the ball and socket joints that would later become the rule in every line from Beast Wars up until the rather disappointing Armada line. The robot mode is given an incredible amount of articulation due to these joints and can actually be played with and put in a variety of dynamic, cool poses. Though the figure has a missile launcher for an arm, I can forgive it unlike most others because without the missile in the launcher the arm seems to be intended to be some sort of claw. The head, of course, uses translucent plastic in the eyes and forming the back of the head to attempt to create a glowing eyes effect. That gimmick never worked. In the end though, the robot mode for this figure just cannot be recommended enough.

Transformation: 6 Easy as pie.
Durability: 7 Ball and socket joints make it nearly indestructible, but the fins in vehicle mode are extremely easy to lose and I haven't seen mine in years.
Fun: 10 Loads of fun. Great poses, can punch and kick like a GI Joe or karate master or something. Has a missile launcher too.
Price: 10 The prices I've seen on ebay are very reasonable and this figure (along with most of the other Cyberjets) is almost certainly worth whatever you can find them going for on ebay.
Overall: 9 Really a brilliant figure and an example of the depressingly good molds put out when G2 was drawing its last.
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