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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Sir Auros' review of: Drench

Name: Drench
Defense Strategy Expert
First cartoon appearance: N/a
"Give me more action! It's no fun unless I can see the whites of their eyes."

He's young and impetuous with a love for excitement that hides his serious, intelligent side. He has amazing skill in devising hair-raising new defense methods. As a vehicle, aquapower makes him a formidable opponent. As a robot, he uses it to defend with courage and accuracy.

Out of the three G2 color changers I had, Drench was always in the middle in terms of quality. Not only was the the only Autobot, but he wasn't quite as horrible as Deluge, but still not as cool as Jetstorm. He was, however, dirt-cheap and that coupled with my rabid interest in obtaining all the Transformers I could during the G2 era is likely why the figure is in my collection. Now, as an adult (and slightly more refined) collector, I seriously doubt I would buy this figure for anything more than the $3 I initially purchased him for when G2 had been released. The mold has some problems and it ends up being fairly mediocre in some areas but ultimately just a rather poor Transformer as a whole. Even the sad gimmick of color-changing plastic (which was hot stuff at the time of purchase) isn't enough to redeem this figure, and the fact that the whole gimmick was stupid anyway doesn't help it any either. The gimmick with the color changers was that if you shot them with hot water, their allegiance would be revealed...of course, they still had their faction stickers in plain view at all times.

Vehicle Mode:
This is sadly the only area where this mold is even halfway decent. I do actually like the somewhat futuristic, Doug-like design of the car mode and the paintjob is fine enough for me. This is the mode I usually have this figure in when I bother to display it. For as much as I like it though, there's not a whole lot to say about it other than it does have wheels and rolls. Yippee!

Robot Mode:
Can you say "top-heavy?" I knew you could. That's what this figure is all about and that's also why the accompanying picture has Drench standing there awkwardly with his gun laying on the ground at his side. If you put the gun into his hands, the figure will not stand up. Well, it will stand up if you bend the knees so his torso is looking up at the sky instead of in front of him. Also, his gun doesn't really go into his hands so much as the sides of his arms. As a kid, I would usually just ignore his gun altogether and pretend the rear signals were lasers built into his arms or something like that. Shut up, it was fun. The figure really doesn't hold up as a good figure to collect mainly because of this bad robot mode.

Transformation: 4 C'mon, it's a G2 "gobot" color changer figure, not rocket science.
Durability: 7 The figure survived my childhood without any significant damage, but the hood of the car does become very loose over time and the color changing effect loses its potency after several years, so I wouldn't expect to find one with that gimmick still functioning.
Fun: 7 I'm giving this 7 mainly out of sentimental reasons because I did have fun with this figure as a kid. Doubt I could find much to do with it nowadays though as it can't even be posed very well.
Price: 8 On the few occasions I've seen this figure out on ebay, it rarely goes for more than the $3 I paid for it originally unless it's in the original packaging. Usually, however, I see Drench as part of a lot of items, so the price is kind of varied, but usually fairly cheap.
Overall: 6 Really not a great toy and not that interesting even to a collector, but if you want to give something oldschool to a kid you know, Drench is fair enough.
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