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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Sir Auros' review of: Dirtbag

Name: Dirtbag
Function: Materials Transport
Sub-Group: Autorollers

First cartoon appearance: N/a
"Move it or lose it."

Carries massive amounts of munitions into battle to support Decepticon troops. If Autobots begin to achieve victory, he instantly converts into robot warrior mode to join the fight. Armed with a devastating double-shot missile launcher and crusher claw, he's a formidable fighter despite lack of agility and speed. Titanium/steel composite armor allows resistance to laser fire - but also hinders overall combat efficiency.

The only other Autoroller to be produced in G2, I purchased Dirtbag at the same time I purchased Roadblock, the other Autoroller. Both share the same gimmick of an "automatic" transformation brought about by rolling the vehicle mode, but Dirtbag is the only one of the two to actually pull it off well. While Roadblock's arms need to be transformed manually, Dirtbag's unfold as part of his automatic transformation. As an Autoroller, Dirtbag is probably the better of the two, but neither is a particularly good Transformer.

Vehicle Mode:
Like Roadblock, Dirtbag is a fairly typical piece of construction machinery with a greenish tinge resembling the Constructicons' colorscheme. It's not quite as green as a Constructicon though. The only thing of much interest about Dirtbag's vehicle mode is the grill of the truck says "TFORM" where one would expect the "MACK" logo or some other truck logo. That's about the only thing to set it apart from any other toy dumptruck. Well, there is one more thing and that is how the bed of the truck refuses to stay together and is constantly either very loose or just falling apart. Even turning the switch that activates and deactivates the autorolling feature won't keep the two halves of the truck bed together.

Robot Mode:
Dirtbag's robot mode isn't great either and his arms and articulation are even more boring and worse than Roadblock's. He does have a double-barrel missile launcher though, so that's kind of cool. However, his other arm is wasted on a really lame clamping mechanism. It would be one thing for the figure to have a clamp of some sort, but this thing just looks pathetic. It looks like a pair of tweezers both in shape and (nearly) proportion to the figure. I like the sculpting on Dirtbag's head better than Roadblock's though. Dirtbag's legs are practically nonexistent other than as shapes carved into a solid chunk of plastic below the waist and the figure has no markings or much detail colorwise in this mode. Like Roadblock, the figure retains the same bland colorscheme in both modes and the result is ugly.

Transformation: 7 Kind of novel concept, but too bad that it ruins the rest of the toy. Works better than Roadblock's though.
Durability: 9 It's a greenish-yellow brick. Loses a point because the missiles are easy to lose even with pegs to put them on.
Fun: 6 Not a whole lot. One of the few Transformers with a vehicle mode more fun than robot mode.
Price: 8 Dirtbag is dirt cheap.
Overall: 6 Don't go out of your way to find one...
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