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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Alternate Mode:
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The Reverend's review of: Targetmaster Blurr

Faction: Autobot
Function: Data Courier
Generation: One
Sub-Group: Targetmaster
"The faster it is, the better I like it"

"The fastest Autobot land vehicle-and he talks even faster; often has to be told to slow down so he can be understood. Nervous, high-strung, loyal, determined. Paired with Haywire, excitable Nebulan teenager whose impulsiveness makes him a chancy electro-laser cannon, at best. In vehicle mode, maximum speed: 750 mph, range: 1500 miles"

Alternate Mode: As distinctive as it was, Blurr's car mode is hard to describe. An incredibly streamlined body, featuring a large, thin "nose" on the front and a tapered rocket on each side of the car. The car has four wheels, but all four are located near the rear of the car in an oddly hydrofoil fashion. Colorwise, Blurr is a study in shades of blue, the side rocket/fenders are deep blue with very light blue tips, matching the light blue "nose". The car body itself is more of a blue/grey color. An odd little "antenna" or "periscope" pokes out of the roof of the car behind the front (and only) window. This projection is attached to the top of Blurr's head and his face is somewhat visible in car mode, if you're looking at it from a particular angle. Right below the front/only window is a large hole in which Blurr's Targetmaster (Haywire) can be mounted. Haywire is grey, with black legs, and only bends at the hips to change to gun mode.

Robot Mode: Pull the nose off the car, then slide the side fenders/rockets forward. Slide the front halves of those same rocket/fenders forward also and fold them down and against the back of the assemblies to create Blurr's arms and reveal his fists. Turn the car over and Blurr's legs are clearly visible as the undercarriage of the vehicle. Pop them out of their moorings and straighten them from their slightly-bent-at-the-knee position, then flip them into place. Flip out the feet at the ends of the legs. Finally, rotate the trunk of the car back to create a backpack-type look, and move Blurr's head into position. The nose of the car can be fitted into one of his fists as a shield, and Haywire transforms into his pistol.
Blurr's a little thing, but fairly believable. His chest is the entire roof of the car and makes his transformation a little obvious. Not a whole lot of detailing on him, mainly smooth surfaces (but what do you expect from an amazingly fast car? Can't have a lot of friction...). His limbs are a neutral blue, while his body is the grey-blue hybrid of the car. His feet are tiny - is Blurr a dancer? A little on the lanky side, with his long legs, and his face looks far too human for my taste, but the TF universe has done a LOT worse!

Transformation: 6 - Simple, but fun, and the way the toy's form attempts to hide the more humanoid-looking parts in vehicle mode is appreciable. The legs make some cutesy clicking sounds in motion.
Durability: 6 - A Blurr with loose joints is going to be problematic. Too many of his parts in car mode require some strength to defy gravity. The projection on top of his head looks like it could easily break off, and so does the backpack.
Fun: 7 - Okay, so the Targetmaster gimmick is not that cool, but with or without it, Blurr's a fun toy to play with. The car looks almost capable of flight, and Blurr's robot mode doesn't have a lot of clumsy points to mess up the play time.
Price: $30-$50 on ebay, I've seen.
Overall:6. You'd probably get bored with him quickly, but he's entertaining in the interim.
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