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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:
Technical Specifications:

Brave Maximus's review of: Skyhammer

Faction: Autobot
Function: Ground and Air Assault
Generation: One
Sub-Group: Ultra Pretender
"There is no disgrace in not succeeding, only in not trying."

"A valiant, vigilant warrior. Dedicated to defending the innocent. Automated high-tech sky cruiser ideal for defending against enemy attack. Thermal blasters in wings liquify metal on impact. Front-mounted high-frequency modulators provide long-range audio and visual surveillance and tracking capabilities. Coolant vents in nose emit black clouds of sleep gas, and top-mounted turbo-fans can produce cyclonic wind funnels. Also armed with twin lightning bolt cannons and programmable, steel shattering sonic overloader. Outer shell armed with photon pistol and converts to super-sonic hoverjet."

Outer Shell
Vehicle Mode:
Skyhammer's outer shell is some sort of flying assault unit. To be perfectly honest he looks like the landing ships they used in Starship Troopers. His primary colours are grey, gold, red and blue. His undercarriage is gold with 6 small black wheels at the back and 2 hidden under the front. The upper part is dark grey with a blue cockpit and red wings. There is a lot of nice detail in this mould, especially around the front and back. The vehicle itself is large and blocky giving it a very tough appearance. Skyhammer has two small blue engines mounted on the underside of his tail assembly, but if you look at the back he has two larger thrusters to give he some serious power. If that's not enough, each wing has a large grey fan (that actually spins) to make him a VTOL craft. Now for the weaponry: What kind of assault unit would he be if he didn't have any? Skyhammer has two large blue cannons built in on the front that can swivel from left to right a full 180 degrees. Under each wing are 2 black cannons and on the back between the tail is another laser. A nicely armed vehicle.

Alternate Mode:
Ok, ready, here we go, about mid-way up the mid section is a panel, lift it up, flip out the blue cannon. Done! Wasn't that easy. Now Skyhammer can ride on top of his outer shell if he wants to. Why he would I don't know, especially with his inner shell, but it looks cool and you can put a GIJoe or an action master in there. Moving Right Along.....

Inner Shell
"Robot" mode:

Ok, crack open the outer shell and you find this guy in red and blue armour lying face down. Pick him up and you have the inner shell. Like most of the Autobot pretenders this one is human looking in armour. If you look at him though, the design elements look a lot like the Autobot twins, around the arms and legs. He has blue legs with gold feet, red and grey upper body, arms and head, with a blue face screen. Under the helmet is a human looking face (though the paint job on mine makes him look cross eyed). There are some nice designs here, making him look human, though his sides have there squared off parts that look a little odd. As opposed to Roadblock (the other ultra pretender) the Kibble on the back from his transformation actually work. The winds on his arms can fold out and the thrusters on his back comes out a little and now he can fly like this. The other good part is that the thrusters at the back hide the inner robot. There's not a lot of articulation in this guy though, his arms go up and down and that's it. As for Weapons, take the black guns off the wings and put them in his hands (or in the holes in his arms for a seeker type look).

Alternate mode:
Ok, to transform this guy. Flip him over, rotate his arms up and fold the wings out. Flip the thrusters out and squeeze the feet halves together. Take the two guns and place them in the hole on his arms and he's done. This mode is defiantly some kind of flying jet\space fighter. It manages to look sleek even though it's large and blocky. There's an open area around the centre to place the Robot that even has a clear blue windshield. A nice little vehicle to ride in as opposed to standing on the back of the outershell.

Inner Robot
Robot mode:

Ok, pull out the legs of the inner shell and open it up to find a little robot with stubby arms. Skyhammer is an interesting little robot. While I like him, there are some things that just make him look odd. He's got a nice grim face, but almost no neck and almost no mouth or chin. His shoulders spout two things that look like lasers or missile launchers. His chest has a nice sculpt (which is good, because it's the cockpit), but his arms seem short and stubby while his legs look long and spindly. You can take the laser from the back of Skyhammers outer shell and place it on the outside of his hand for some weaponry. His arms are red, legs are grey, main trunk is gold with a blue cockpit and face. Not to bad looking.

Alternate mode:
Alright, ready? Rotate his arms up, fold him in half and set him on his back. Take the laser and place it in the hole on top of his chest, all done. Not so hard was it? Skyhammer has kind of a neat little moonbuggy - rover type vehicle mode here. He roles well on four large (for him anyway) black wheels and the laser gives him some firepower.

Not to terribly much here. Like most Gen 1 figures, they weren't too worried about it.

Transformation: 6 - a bit on the simplistic side, but still fun
Durability: 9 - Mines lasted 15 years and 3 moves and the only thing to suffer are the stickers
Fun: 9 - oh come on, 2 jets, little robot, lots of guns
Price: 6 - I couldn't tell you, I've never seen one on ebay, so I don't know
Overall: 7 - A neat little piece of transformers history. It's up to you to decide wether to get him or not. I've always had him, and should something happen I'll probably go out and find him again.
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