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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:
Technical Specifications:

Osku's review of: Quake

Name: Quake
Targetmaster partners: Heater and Tiptop
Function: Ground Assault
Sub-Group: Decepticon doubletargetmaster
Quote: "Nothing lasts forever... so why not destroy it now?"

"A destructive berzerker. Attacks everyone and everything with a vengeance. Doesn't stop shooting until everything is in ruins. Capable of leveling an entire Autobot installation in minutes. Titanium based treads are equipped with special adhesive that enables Quake to climb sheer cliff surfaces. Known for his somewhat "off the wall" battle tactics. Teamed with Tiptop, a former circus strongman who transforms into a balance-altering, gyroscopic destabilizing weapon, and Heater, a smart-aleck street punk who transforms into a double photon pistol. Equipped with plasma cannon in tank Mode."

Quake is one of the six doubletargetmasters Hasbro released in 1988 in US. While others were mediocre to good toys, Quake is easily the best of the group. As a character Quake has a small cult status as he's been destroyed in comics almost as many times as Optimus Prime himself! First in a battle against Unicron in US#75, second time in Generation 2 #7 and later a third time in Botcon comic: Transformers: The Wreckers #1.

Robot Mode:

Robot mode is Quake's stronger mode. Tank turret is removed, top of the tank becomes robot hands and sides of lower part are rotated to reveal main body, head and the legs. With this transformation Quake sort of grows in size compared to it's tank mode. While Quake is about as bulky as other doubletargetmasters, it's clearly taller. Propotions of robot are good and blue/grey/dark red colour scheme make the robot mode look much better than tank mode. Visible stickers help also.

Like in most toys of this time, there's not much articulation. Head turns round and you can move the hands up and down and a bit sideways plus change the place of weapons, but that's it. Targetmaster partners are placed on Quake's hands and the tank turret can be placed on the back or on the side of the right hand. Other bad points are unpainted mold details and lazy face paint.

In short, powerful looking and solid toy. Also for people who're not that much into "G1" toys.

Alternate Mode:

Quake transforms into a dark red and grey tank with a black tank turret. The outer hull of tank is pretty much covered with small details, but unfortunately those are not painted, which makes the mold look worse than it actually is. Tank treads are all plastic, but you can roll Quake on the small wheels under the treads. Targetmaster partners can be put on the roof of the tank (only one hole for some reason) or remove the tanks turret and place another on the place of it.

While I like the toy it could be a lot better. Colour scheme is a bit bland and the toy is quite small in this mode compared to robot mode. There's also almost none articulation; it rolls on the wheels, and you can point targetmaster partners different ways, but that's about it. If even the top of the tank would turn, it'd make a really big difference. In short the tank mode looks pretty good, is sturdy and almost indestructible, which is in contradiction with Quake's comic history.

Targetmaster partners:

Heater is the black one with a little blue and red used for details. Heater transforms into a black double barreled pistol. As a nice little detail Heater 's hand plates are extended and looks like those can be used as weapons in close range combat. Against whom, is an entirely different thing. Other targetmasters?

Tiptop is the purple one with a little yellow and red used for details. Tiptop transforms into a purple single barreled gun, with a little too long barrel. Tiptop looks good in tank mode, but in robot mode that too long barrel is a bit distracting.

7 Very easy, but not in a bad way.
Durability: 8 Like most other doubletargetmasters, almost indestructable brick. Tank turret and targetmaster partners can get lost though.
Fun: 9 I like the toy a lot. It looks good on both modes, transforming it is fast and fun. Looks good on shelf and propably has lots of play value for kids.
Price: ? No idea, found mine from flea market.
Overall: 8 If you can find one with a reasonable price, highly recommended. Just make sure it's got tank turret included. You can find targetmaster partners from traders, but a new tank turret is propably hard to find.
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