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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Warcry's review of: Misfire

Faction: Decepticon
Function: Interceptor
Generation: One
Sub-Group: Targetmaster
Nebulon Component: Aimless
"Keep shooting, eventually, you're bound to hit something"

"When Misfire shoots, his fellow Decepticons run for cover. Has terrible aim, but says he's improving. No one else shares his confidence. Paired with the cowardly Nebulon, Aimless, a former construction engineer who had one too many buildings collapse due to poor design: now he doesn't care enough about anything to even bother aiming when he shoots as an ion particle blaster. Maximum speed: 1600 mph."

Alternate Mode: Misfire's alt mode is a pink starfighter with a two-pronged nosecone. A hole at the base of the cockpit lets you mount his Targetmaster partner, Aimless. Why Aimless'd want to be mounted on the outside of a jet in flight, I have no idea. But that's his choice, I guess. The general aerodynamics of the jet are just insane, it'd likely never fly in an atmosphere, but it looks so good that you probably won't care. In this mode, Misfire's mostly pink, with a few white and grey parts, and a blue cockpit canopy. Unrealistic, yes. But no more so than the other Targetmasters, and quite a bit more deadly looking, too.

Robot Mode: To transform Misfire, do the following: flip the pink sections at the top rear of the plane around 180 degrees. Rotate the grey sections at the end of the pink sections. You now have his robot legs. Flip his cockpit back to reveal his robot head. Rotate his wings backwards to form his arms. Flip out his robot hands. Taa-daa! One Decepticon warrior! He looks very nice in this mode, I think. Though the pink that forms the majority of his colour scheme could be overwhelming, it is balanced with judicious use of grey and white. Aimless kind of clashes with the Misfire in this mode, but since he's just a gun, that's not too much of a problem. And Misfire looks pretty good in a lot of poses, pointing Aimless at whatever hapless Autobot happens to come around.

Transformation: Easy enough... 7/10
Durability: Mine's busted, but he's also the second TF I ever bought, lasted for about five years, and there was enough left of him to put him together again this year. I'd say that's pretty durable, eh? 7/10
Fun: Near Beast Wars-level articulation, and hard to bust. A good one to play with' I'd say. 10/10
Price: Typical jet prices, I suppose. 7/10
Overall: One of the best of the original Transformers, perhaps one of the best all-time. He looses half a point for being bright pink, but other than that, he's very good. 9.5/10
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