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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Alternate Mode:
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optimusskids' review of: Landfill

Name: Landfill
Function: Materials Transport
Sub group: Double Target Master

"Adventure is found in unlikely places."

A four-wheeled garbage site. Leaves a trail of decaying refuse wherever he goes. Friendly, cheerful, but a bit of a slob. His Nebulan partners are Silencer, a noiseless, recoiless proton rifle, and Flintlock, a heat-targeting stress pistol which induces metal fatigue and fractures in steel. Fellow Autobots dislike working with Landfill because he's filthy and smells so bad.

I got Landfill in a mixed bunch on ebay and either Hasbro ran off millions of units or he is as I suspect he is pretty much indestructible as he seems to feature in quite a few lots like these so I suspect the survival rate was pretty high. Either that or people are desperate to get rid of him .

Vehicle Mode:

In my opinion the best Dump truck mould in G1/G2 was Longhaul for his vehicle mode in that he had an empty load space. Landfill suffers from the same problem as many of the other moulds in that in order for the transformation to work his load space has to be filled in. On Landfill this is done with brown plastic which was I imagine chosen to suggest dirt . While this is better than say Dirtbag (Autoroller G2) where they didnt even bother and just left it coloured green, it is not as good as Wideload who is moulded to suggest some kind of tarp covering the load space.

The problem is if you look at the rear of the vehicle the brown plastic continues straight to the bottom of the loadbed, meaning there is nothing to keep this imagined load from falling all over the road.

Secondly the cab, in order for the robot mode to work the cab has been extended the full width of the vehicle, something which as far as I am aware doesn't happen on the Real Mc'coy. This extension has been decorated with some vents and things but I am unaware what purpose it would serve on a full scale version . Also on the cab the roof level changes dramatically to allow for the mechanism to swivel his head and arms into place giving him from above a sort of crenalted roof.

In summation Vehicle mode is ok, no obvious robot bits poking out, and is fairly indestructible . He looks like a dump truck and although you probably couldnt find one that looked exactly the same on the road but the general impression is there. His 2 targetmasters fit into a hole on each side of his loadbed making him as Warcry pointed out part of a Trio of fairly deadly construction vehicles.

Robot mode:

I'm quite taken by this mode he looks strong and powerful, and he has big arms and shoulders which compare favourably to, say, Long Haul's (Constructicon) efforts. He is a basic G1 Brick though when it comes to articulation, his arms move forward drop a grenade slightly behind him and to one side of him and thiAutobots in trouble . He has a big chunky Torso with his grill becoming his chest and the brown and pale yellow colour combo while not something you d probably choose work well together. As a bonus, it's sad I know, but you can fold his legs back and pretend from the front that he's stuck in Quicksand or something.


The two are a very similar design apart from the colouring. Yellow is Silencer and the Blue is Flintlock. They both have short stubby dual barrels . Silencer has to be the shortest barrel rifle I've ever seen, dont think his range would be that good. Otherwise theyre 2 solid bits of plastic who you rip the back of the thighs off and point at peopel.

Transformation: 7/10 - It hides all his robot parts and gives him a head which is 3 D and not just a fold up plate a la Long haul
Durability: 9/10 - pretty solid you could probably break an arm off but you have to deliberately trying for it
Fun: 3/10 - Vehicle mode he's a brick you can roll forward and back, Robot he can either blow holes in the ground or moves his arms to point them at something .
Price: 9/10 - mostly seen in lots so probably average 1.50 ish as part of a lot, bought individually probably under a fiver ( 5), a little more if has both targetmasters
Overall: 6/10 - one of the ranks, nothing that leaps out at you, pretty much like his comic appearances, a space filler, has a nice beefy robot mode like most of the construction trucks, as a robot better than Long Haul and Wideload, but gasp worse than Dirtbag which even though an autoroller with no proper hands has more points of articulation
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