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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Alternate Mode:
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Someone's review of: Jetfire

Faction: Autobot
Function: Air Guardian
Generation: One
Sub-Group: N/a
"Among mysteries of science lies the key to victory"

"Swiftest Autobot. Daring in battle...believes victory will come via technological advancement. Adds twin scramjet modules and liquid hydrogen fuel tanks to escape Earth's gravity. Flies halfway around the world in 30 minutes. Carries 4 particle-beam cannons and heat-seeking photon missiles. Prone to mechanical failures due to advanced technology."

Alternate Mode: One bad jet! If the Autobots needed air support, this guy would certainly supply it. His color scheme is basically white, with red and black trim. His armor adds more red and converts him from a simple fighter jet, to a high-tech, battle machine. Complete with the springiest of landing gears (sorry, I always loved his wheels for some reason…it has got to be cause they are metal!), Jetfire is the type of air support coveted by any field general. What's more, the head of the robot has antennae, which serve as a quad gun in jet mode.

Robot Mode: Ever seen Robotect? Well, if you have those Veritechs describe Jetfire perfectly in both his jet and robo modes! Plus, this guy is huge and since he is so large he gets to carry a big gun! Equally cool with or without the red armor, a Jetfire in top-notch shape can be the centerpiece of a collection…he certainly is among the central figures in mine. To get him from jet mode to Robot Mode does take some patience…oh and do NOT use too much force. In all honesty, I don't even want to describe the procedure but here goes. Firstly, fold up the landing gear and if the tail fins are up fold them down. Turn the plane upside down, then life the out sections with the exhaust ports all the way to the front, then unsnap (CAREFULLY) from the body and pivot all the way forward, thus forming the legs and spread exhaust (feet) open. Next, lift the inner sections up and snap from body (again for the love of all that is sacred be careful, he's so tender and fragile) and pivot to the sides. Slide the levers on the side forward and viola, the boy's got fists. Now we get to the really icky part, on the other side grab the tab on the hatch cover and pull up, slide the panel over the cockpit. Push the cannon back in the hole, close hatch door, turn head around, lift the antennae, and fold the rear section down (wings and such) to form the back. Then flip up the tail fin to form a backpack.

Transformation:8.5 - 9 - This can be a major pain if not done with some care. Jetfire was one of those wonderful Transformers who could be broken quite easily during his transformation if not careful.
Durability: 5.5 - That is the major problem with this toy! If you sneezed on him too hard he was prone to breaking. I am 24 and on my second Jetfire, the first one I got when I was 10 and had him for a whopping two weeks before he self-destructed. (NO! I didn't abuse him! He is the only one that ever broke on me like that and I am not alone in the heartbreak Jetfire caused!) The armor also tended to be a bit on the fragile side. The real trouble spots were in the arms where they connect to the shoulder area.
Fun:7.5 - If you actually got to play with him, he was great fun. The armor and his sweet gun made him a formidable looking opponent!
Price:9.5 - Again, here is where this guy may intimidate the casual fan. Depending on the usual factors of condition, with or without box, sealed, etc. I have seen this Autobot bad boy of the skies range from just over $100 on ebay to as much as $450! If you want this guy, you might want to consider taking out a small loan.
Overall: 8 - Would be higher because this guy really does look great, but he did have some quirks, especially in the durability that lower his score!

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