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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:
Technical Specifications:

Optimus 2005's review of: Hardhead

Name: Hardhead
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Ground Assault
Sub-Group: Headmasters
Nebulan Component: Duros
First Cartoon appearance: The Rebirth part 1
Quote: "It's either MY way - or NO way!"

The only way to get him to follow advice is to persuade him to come up with the idea himself. Stubborn, doesn't talk much. Binary-bonded to Duros, a Nebulan who loves a battle as much as he does. In tank mode, maximum speed: 155 mph. Range: 450 miles. Has 120MM laser-guided gun that shoots incendiary, sonic and explosive shells. In robot mode, has 2 shatterblasters that shoot diamond-hard shards.

Alternate Mode:

He's a futuristic tank with a cool paint scheme of green, black, grey and a bit of yellow. He has a cannon which can move up and down and two guns which are removable and can be used in both modes. Hardhead has no spring loaded weapons, and all weapons which are detachable can be attached to Hardhead in both modes, so you don't have to really worry about losing anything. He has tiny wheels under the tracks for movement. The cockpit has a small yellow see-through windshield. You can also put Duros in the cockpit where he's safe and won't get lost. Hardhead has two sets of tracks, one in the front and one in the back. The tracks in the front can rotate about 270 degrees counter-clockwise and 90 degrees clockwise. The two Autobot symbol stickers on the front tracks look really cool. The robot mode is well hidden except for the hands which can be clearly seen when looking at the front of the toy or by flipping the toy upside down.

Robot Mode:

Hardhead is about 7.5 inches tall in this mode, which makes him a bit taller then normal transformers. His cannon in tank mode is mounted on his shoulder and you can either arm him with his guns, leave them where they are so you don't lose them, or you could remove the gun on the cockpit and place it in the hole in his right leg. Hardhead, like all other headmasters, has small tech specs in his chest which can only be activated when you attach his head, or you could attach any other headmasters head and the tech specs will change.

Although Hardhead looks cool and has some nice detail, he doesn't have much articulation. His head doesn't rotate and the legs don't move (unless you want to bend them side ways at the knees). His shoulders on the other hand can rotate 360 degrees, his wrists can move a bit above 90 degrees and his cannon can move up and down, but he doesn't have any elbows and you can't move his waist. Another downside to Hardhead is that he doesn't really have a back.


Duros is about 2 inches tall and has a similar paint scheme to Hardhead, except without the color black. His arms rotate 180 degrees and his legs can move at the thighs and knees. His legs can reach his shoulders, but they're connected at the knees. While in robot mode Duros can hide his partners face by flipping back Hardhead's forehead.

Transformation: 5- Not too easy, not too hard
Durability: 7- Even though he doesn't feel like a brick, I don't see him breaking in the long run. Maybe all you got to watch out for is his cockpit when in robot mode and Duros's arms. I've had Hardhead for about seven to eight years now and his condition is still perfect. Even the stickers don't shown signs of peeling off.
Fun: 7- He has lots of firepower, an awesome tank mode and a cool character, but lack of articulation hinders his score.
Price: 4- I bought him for 12BD which is about 31.5 US dollars, which I think is a bit expensive considering that I could have bought him for much less if I lived in the US.
Overall: 7- - After all is said and done I think he's a cool toy and a great addition to your collection, but I suggest looking for the other main headmasters (cartoon) before considering to buy him.
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