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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Savannahtron's review of: Apeface

Faction: Decepticon
Function: Sabateur
Generation: One
Sub-Group: Headmaster
Nebulon Component: Spasma
"Obnoxiousness is not a problem, it is an art."

"Thoroughly obnoxious--pounds loudly on his chest plates, insults everyone he talks to, knocks over anyone in his way, never changes his lubricant so he smells like a grease-encrusted turboworm, and spits fuel in public. Binary-bonded to the nervous, insecure Nebulon Spasma. In jet mode, maximum speed: 3250 mph, emits powerful jamming frequenceies. In ape mode, has super-abilty. In robot mode, carries electro-shield and semi-automatic sonic boomer gun."

Alternate Mode: Apeface has 2 alternate modes, making him not only a Headmaster, but also a Triple changer. His first alternate mode is a jet, which is probably the coolest mode. It has a cockpit for Spasma, and is truly the only mode that everything stays where it should. His sonic boomer guns attach to the hands in the back giving him some firepower, but his jet mode is his weakest mode, other than speed for fleeing.

Ape mode might have been horribly exciting for him in the cartoon and comic book, but I am not very impressed with it at all. Spasma is almost impossible to insert where they say it needs to go, and he just doesn't look much like an ape, other than his face. He is very hard to pose in ape mode, because he has short gimpy legs, and you almost have to put him on his belly to make him stand like an ape. Although he is supposed to have "super-ability" in ape mode, I don't particularly like this mode, and usually keep him in either robot, or jet mode.

Robot Mode: Apeface's robot mode is actually the second best mode. His color scheme is purple, pink, black and white , and his cockpit is a translucent green. He carries 2 blasters, and a shield in robot mode, giving him decent firepower and protection. On top of that, he has some girth, probably one of the bigger headmasters as far as width goes. The only problem that I have with him is that his cockpit is on his back, and it tends to fold down a lot, because the pin slot was bigger than the pin to hold it on with. If they had fixed that, Apeface's robot mode would have been perfect.

Headmaster: Spasma. One of the neater Headmasters I have seen thusfar. He has 3 modes himself: 1) Robot 2) Apeface robot head 3) Apeface ape head. He has a black, white, and purple color scheme matching Apeface perfectly. Spasma fits in as Apeface's nervous pilot, often causing Apeface to run amuck in the heat of battle. Definitely one of the best Headmaster trainers out there.

Transformation: 7, only because of the 3 modes, and the fact Spasma is impossible to fit as an apehead.
Durability: 5, I could see broken pieces here if one weren't careful with Apeface.
Fun: 6 He is definitely a piece to have if you are a collector.
Price: $40 to $50 complete.

Summary: Apeface is a unique transformer in several ways. First, he was one of two Horrocons. He was a triple changing Headmaster, and his Headmaster had 3 modes also. In my opinion, I would recommend if you get the chance to pick one up at a reasonable price, don't hesitate. You won't be dissappointed!

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