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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Clay's review of: Wing Saber

Name: Wing Saber
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: A non-sucky execution of God Bomber's gig.
Sub-Group: NA
" Courage and fortitude are the foundations of a true warrior"

Wing Saber served as a first class transport for members of Cybertron's high council before he discovered his true calling as a warrior. His incredible speed and ariel skills have made him a valued member of the Autobot team. In jet mode, his stealth abilities allow for long range attack that have given the Autobots the upper hand during many offensive maneuvers. Wing Saber takes great pride in his standing with the Autobots and has proven his loyalty and devotion to Optimus Prime on many occasions. His ability to powerlinx with Optimus gives their combined robot form impressive flight capabilities. Megatron has kept an admiring eye on Wing Saber and hopes to someday sway this great Autobot warrior to the side of the Decepticons.

Wing Saber. Yeah. The four-toed goliath of Energon Megas. He does exist. For a while after its release, this figure was considered a myth. I had mine preordered from the BBTS, so I mine arrived slightly before the release date for retail stores, which was roughly never. When he finally arrived, I have to say I was pleased. In his own robot mode, he is not well articulated, but he makes up for it with an interesting transformation(s), and a whole lot of detail.

Vehicle Mode:
Wing Saber's vehicle mode is a very, very futuristic take on a B2 plane. The thing I like about it is the extent of the molded details. They're everywhere! There's not one unsculpted surface on any part of this mode. He's over a foot wide this way (0.3 meters), but isn't very deep. He features retractable landing gear, which was not something I was really expecting, since at first I didn't really know what he was supposed to be. Unlike his partial namesake, Star Saber, he roughly resembles something that's supposed to fly.

Basically, I was surprised at how visually interesting this mode is. But this is not the arrangement that was generating fanfare...

Robot Mode:
...And nor is this one. Because of writing these reviews and processing my thoughts, I've come to understand that there are three things that I really look for in transformers.

1) Articulation
2) Detail
3) Transformation

If they can handle two out of three, I'm usually satisfied. Wing Saber hits two of them prominantly: detail, and transformation. Given that he's essentially four components, Wing Saber has a surprisingly complex transformation, as opposed to simply being disassembled and put back together again. Go Takara!

In robot mode, he's basically a brick, but he's a pretty brick nonetheless. Most of the details in this mode are not visible in the jet arrangement, so there are plenty of new things to look at. He stands at about the same height as the new gestalts, or Optimus with his little Primelets.

The only thing I feel let down about are the missile launchers. They could have very easily added pegs on the opposite sides of the triggers and made them available as hand weapons. Alas, no...

Articulation is usually the thing I look for in the toys, but I'm satisfied with Wing Saber based just on the detail. Of course, there are the other modes...

Limb Modes:
...which is of course where all the real attention is paid. Wing Saber can split into four parts to form new limbs for Energon Prime, and he's well worth it! There are two arrangements: Fight mode and Flight mode. I've already discussed both modes in the Optimus review, so I'll just surmise here: both are fine. He has wing-things and can fly in the flight mode, and he's confined to the ground in fight mode with a lot of ordinance to make up for it.

The irony is that, in either combined mode, there's more articulation present than either Wing Saber or Optimus have on their own.

Transformation: 7 - Very well thought out. I like it!
Durability: 9 - 10 if you detach the missle launchers and keep them somewhere safe.
Fun: 7 - ...on his own, 10 with Prime. I really like how the two different combination hold different purposes. On his own, he's one of the few Transformer bricks I actually like.
Price: 8 - He's big for the $20 bracket, and doesn't have any silly electronics to muck things up.
Summary: 7.5 - I like him more on his own than I thought I would. He's fantastic with Prime, too! If you can find one, go for it, considering Optimus is apparently being sold at heavy discounts nowadays. Or, given the recent pattern of releases, wait a while and see if Hasbro doesn't churn out a Wing Saber/Prime two-pack at some point in the near future.

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