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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:

Seerus Nalaius' review of: Energon Unicron

Name: Unicron
Allegiance: None
Function: Eater of Planets
Sub-Group: NA

What can I truly say about Unicron that hasn't already be said? He's an awesome figure that's been long overdue, he's big, bad, articulated, lights up, and sports some very evil, badass colors in this verison. Both the Armada and Energon version of Unicron have gone down in price, so this is THE time to snacth a piece of TF history.

Vehicle Mode:
That doesn't sound right for this mode, it's not a vehicle in anyway. Unicron starts out as, of course, a planet. However, in this mode, he is basically all black, with a few green "energon" highlights in various places. The missiles in his legs are a yellow-green color and really stand out (that's not good either). Pushing his horns together causes his mouth to chomp. His ring can hold 26 Minicons, 27 when you put Dead-End on his mount, just below Unicron's mouth. Between planet and robot mode, Unicron can have a total of 32 Minicons attached or stored in/on his body. Also, the box says he can hold energon weapons too. Thats cool, but I don't have 26 Energon weapons, nor do I have ones that would look good attacthed to the ring. Though it would have been funny to see Unicron, in the show or comic, to have a bunch of energon guns attached to his ring, spinning in a spherical motion and blasting everything and anything that moved. Heh. Moving on...

Robot Mode:
Ok, here's where the real fun begins! Unicron stands 18 inches tall, just enough for Omega Supreme to duke it out with him. He retains his black, but also gets some translucent orange, grey, green, a bit of purple, and has more "energon" highlights all over his body. Unicron is extremely articulate in this mode, though with his weight and poor feet, may not stand easily sometimes. Still, he can strike many a pose, and leave your other TFs crying cause he has the articulation they've always dreamed of, and articulated fingers which can lead to a few hours of childish fun. Who am I kidding? You'll find endless hours of making various gestures with his fingers(but that's not a bad thing). Pressing his right orange hand in will cause it to light up. The orange looks great on his hand, unlike the clear plastic on the last version. Pressing the top of his head will light up his eyes too, but hey also light up upon firing his Super Cannon, located in his torso. A note about the cannon, I wouldn't use it too often because the firing mechanisum can and will break. This happened to my Armada Unicron and I had to put a buttload of tape on his chest to shut it, and he had to stay in planet mode so it wouldn't look like an ugly mess. His legs have missiles in the planet parts. Simply tilt them down, attach a Minicon to the powerlink post, push forward, and they'll fire. Unicron can also store Minicons in his shins and stomach. I have Sideway's Minicons in his shins, and Dead-End in his stomach since I had nowhere to put them when i rearranged my Transformers to display Unicron. The shells of his plantet mode and wings may not display that well since its alot of weight, but with a little patience you can figure it out.

Dead-End gets repainted in baby blue, a little yellow-green, and a bit of red-orange on his head. He looks good in his ball/Death Star mode, but very ugly when transformed. You can attach him to Unicron if you want, or store him in a compartment on Unicron. I put him away cause the colors look bad when he's stood next to Unicron.

Transformation: 8.5 - A bit difficult. I would recommend reading the directions if you haven't transformed him before.
Durability: 9 - He's gonna be very hard to break. The only weak point would be the mechanism that fires the super cannon.
Fun: 10 - Unicron finally can pick on somebody his own size! Have him and Omega Supreme head downtown to throwdown! Just don't let Fortress Maximus near them or things will get ugly.
Price: 3 - Around $25 now. This is the right time to grab this guy! Go for it! NOW!
Summary: 10 - Unicron belongs on your shelf, or where you have your Transformers and toys displayed. Whether it's his Armada or Energon visage, he is a must for any collection. He's amazingly possible, lights up, fires missiles, and like I said, can and will fight with Omega Supreme. Why wouldn't you want him? Do yourself a favor and go get him while the getting is good.

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