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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Seerus Nalaius' review of: Tidal Wave

Name: Tidal Wave
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Warrior
Sub-Group: NA
"In battle, the enemy's fear is my greatest weapon."

Tidal Wave is one of the largest Decepticon warriors with a weapons arsenal as menacing as his size. His continued exposure to raw energon caused excessive damage to various parts of his body. These damaged parts were eventually replaced with pure energon, boosting Tidal Wave's strength and making him nearly invincible. He transforms into a powerful warship and is able to unleash a full-scale assault on his enemies from a single location. Although he is massive and powerful, Tidal Wave's lack of intelligence prevents him from becoming a true Decepticon leader.

Now this would have been so much fun to see in the Energon cartoon. With a profile like that, Tidal Wave would have been even better in my opinion. Sadly, thats not what happened, but oh well. Tidal Wave is no more than a repaint of his Aramada mold, but I figure its still worth a review, although it might be a bit short.

Vehicle Mode:
Tidal Wave still has his same vehicle modes, his giant battleship mode and the "Dark Fleet", but now they are colored much better than his previous version. In this mode the colors are mainly white and a very dark grey, and a little bit a transparent green, a tiny bit of blue, and some yellow Energon scars. These colors look pretty good and ,like I said, are a vast improvement over the originals. The Dark Fleet mode is still there, and the colors carry over from the battle ship, however this mode is kinda pointless now since Tidal Wave can't link with Megatron anymore.

Robot Mode:
The transformation remains the same as before. The colors are same, except now they are primarily white and transparent green. And I just love how the Energon 'parts' of Tidal Wave look. It's just so awesome! Holding him up to the light just gives him that superpowerful glow that tells you that he's gonna tear you apart! *ahem* Sorry, I got a little out of hand there, but yeah, the green rocks. One thing that did disappoint me though, was the fact that they didn't at least add a spot for an Energon star. I doubt it wouldn't have cost that much, and there's plenty of space on his arms, legs, chest or wherever. Thats the only thing that bothers me really...

Yeah, he still comes with Ramjet, and the rotating gun gimmick still works. Though Ramjet is still one of the worst minicons ever.

So overall, Tidal Wave is one of the good repaints to be released by Hasbro, and I believe he is well worth a pick up. And since he has been out for a good while (and since most places are overstocked on old Energon stuff) his price should be lower by now.

Transformation: 5 - He's not that hard. No difference from the original in transformation.
Durability: 8 - Tidal Wave will last a long, long time. There isn't anything on him that could really break.
Fun: 6 - He's not too articulate, has no gun, and can't combine with Megatron anymore, so he's not as good as he was, but I think his Energon look makes up for most of this.
Price: 4 - Not too expensive. $25 dollars at most stores, $20 if you find him on discount at some places.
Summary: 8 - A much better paintjob, and a great green glowing body. This is one good Energon Transformer, and is worth being in your collection, but that's my opinion.

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