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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Sir Auros' review of: Strongarm

Name: Strongarm
Function: Autobot Warrior
First cartoon appearance: N/a

Transformers Energon brings in the return of individual figures priced at the basic selling point instead of hordes of minicons. I'm quite pleased with this change as it gives me a chance once again to casually purchase a figure at a reasonable price without feeling gypped for either a larger figure that frankly sucks or several smaller figures that also suck. Strongarm was the first basic sized Energon figure that really jumped out at me so I purchased it along with (after much consideration) a Battle Ravage. The figure ends up being decent and worth the price.

Vehicle Mode:
Strongarm's vehicle mode is a strange little jeep with a crane attached to the back. Not particularly realistic, but it looks pretty good. They chose a reasonable color scheme instead of the garish colors used on a certain vehicle from Armada that also sported a crane. The wheels move and the crane has a good range of movement and can also serve as a cannon I suppose as that's what it turns into in robot mode. Something rather nice about this vehicle mode is that it hides the robot mode fairly well, which is something some Armada figures failed to accomplish. All in all, Strongarm sports a very nice little vehicle mode.

Robot Mode:
Strongarm's robot mode is good for a basic figure as well. It seems slightly more articulate than some Armada toys, but still not as much so as Beast Wars or Robots in Disguise. It's articulated enough to pose and play with though and that's what really matters. The crane from vehicle mode can be used as a gun in robot mode but it ends up just being too unwieldy for the figure. There isn't much range of movement for the head and the feet seem kind of lame, but the robot mode ends up with my approval as well. I'm also a big fan of the Autobot insignia being prominently displayed on Strongarm's shoulder. Good work.

Transformation: 6 Not very hard or innovative, but it is a basic figure...
Durability: 7 The plastic seems kind of cheap and I imagine the spare tire/shoulder pads would be easy to lose.
Fun: 8 I suppose the figure's animated counterpart would add to the fun for kids, but the figure stands on its own as a fun little toy.
Price: 9 Finally, decent-sized figures for the basic price again!
Overall: 8 Good bang for your buck.
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