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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Sir Auros' review of: Storm Jet

Name: Storm Jet
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Superion Maximus Team Leader
Sub-Group: Aerialbots

I was recently able to find at a local Target the three released components of Superion Maximus as well as Constructicon Maximus, and while the latter has figures that have some of the worst individual robot modes ever, Superion Maximus' components are all pretty solid as far as being enjoyable individually. Storm Jet is the central component that makes the torso, but also a Deluxe that's worth buying even if one isn't planning on buying the other four components to make Superion Maximus.

Vehicle Mode:
Storm Jet's vehicle mode leads me to believe that the concept was an homage to both G1 Jetfire and Silverbolt. The colorscheme is very similar to Jetfire's, and the plane design looks a lot like Silverbolt. The vehicle mode is sculpted well, the paintjob looks good, and there are only two things I could complain about. The first is that the wings looks weak and I think the design could've been improved had they connected more firmly to the fuselage. The second complaint is that there are no weapons and that's one that sadly carries on into robot mode...

Robot Mode:
Yep, no weapons. Storm Jet is entirely defenseless in his robot mode if you don't count those huge fists he has as natural, deadly weapons. Storm Jet's robot mode has its ups and downs, but overall I'd call it average. Storm Jet has a much better range of articulation than Steamhammer and the figure looks and feels more solid, but there is one thing I really hate about the robot mode. The shoulders look like they're too far down. They don't appear too far down, but just enough so that it looks unnatural...or whatever one would consider unnatural for a robotic humanoid. The deformity in the arms and the lack of weapons are the two faults I find with Storm Jet's robot mode and they don't detract from the figure as much as Steamhammer's faults.

Transformation: 8 - I had to glance at the instructions and the two robot modes are hidden fairly well.
Durability: 6 - The paint on the little tab that holds the nose of the plane to the rest of the fuselage chipped, so in robot mode, there's this white tab with a chunk of bluish plastic showing through right in front of the figure's head.
Fun: 8 - Neat jet mode and a decent robot mode.
Price: 9 - This was a Deluxe I didn't mind paying $10 for.
Summary: 8 - Super deal if you're going for Superion Maximus, but also worth looking at even if you're not.

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