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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:

The Wild One's review of:
Energon Starscream (redeco)

Name: Starscream
Allegiance: Decepticon

Robot Mode

First off, out of his assortment, he has some of the best poseability for the line. I compare him with Sharkticon for the purpose of this feature. When you have Starscream in his "Hyper Power Mode," the guns do not get in the way of poseability as much as Sharkticon. Later we will discuss the "Hyper Power Mode" for their alt modes later. I prefer using his Energon sword, than his hyper mode. The only thing lacking in the possibility department, is the shoulders. But because of his transformation scheme, you kind of have to settle.

The G1 colors really look good in this mode. It gives him some of the panache of G1 Starscream, and his own look. Now with the legs, he doesn't look like G1 Starscream as much.

Alt Mode

To me, this is what will really make the G1 fanboys happy. Aside from the bottom of the plane, he really looks like G1 Starscream. The only thing that is different is the shape of the wings. My only complaint in this mode is when you put on his guns. To me they clash too much with the jet itself. Now on to what I spoke of before. The "Hyper Power Mode."

Now the comparison with Sharkticon comes back into play here. In vehicle mode, Starscreams "Hyper Power Mode" mode seems too much like it doesn't belong. Now with Sharkticon, it seemed like it belonged with him. The jet mode of Starscream shows an incredible amount of detail. The only thing I didn't like is some of the damage molded into him.

It seems as if Hasbro didn't bother to undo this part and instead it was just painted over. Overall, it doesn't take much away from an impressive alt mode.


Like I said, very easy. I didn't need the instructions. The only thing I didn't like was bringing out the arms when changing into robot mode. Other than that, still very impressive.

Transformation: 7 Would have been lower, but those pain in the but arms.
Durability: 8 It would have been a ten, but the arms seem too delicate.
Appearance: 9 A very nice looking piece for any collection.
Fun: 9 Incredibly fun toy to play with for any kid.
Price: 10 Worth every penny.
Overall: 9 I really think this is a staple piece in any Energon collection.
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