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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:

Sir Auros' review of: Skyblast

Name: Skyblast
Function: Autobot Aerial Warrior
First cartoon appearance: N/a

Skyblast is one of the current basic-priced figures in the Energon line and compared to his peers in this group, he just doesn't cut it. The biggest problem with this mold is its size. It's just too small. Granted, the other figures in its price range are of roughly similar size, the design doesn't work for Skyblast. If one were ever to have a dwarf Transformer, Skyblast is it. In both modes the figure appears ludicrously stunted and the only thing it has going for it is a keen paintjob that's reminiscent of G1 Jetfire.

Vehicle Mode:
The vehicle mode is both colored and sculpted to vaguely resemble G1 Jetfire. Whether or not this is intentional, I do not know, but that was one of the things that drew me to the figure. The fact that I could once again get a non-minicon Transformer for under $8 again was another selling point. The vehicle mode is far too short for a jet and doesn't work for me. It's a design that doesn't seem likely to work in the real world and just requires too much suspension of disbelief to even take seriously. Yes, the jet mode is a joke and I'd point and laugh at it if I didn't actually own the thing. One final complaint I have about the vehicle mode is that there's nowhere to put the gun or secure the weird things on the wings in this mode.

Robot Mode:
The robot mode is better than the jet mode and, again, seems to slightly resemble G1 Jetfire, but the robot's a midget. The legs and arms seem to be disproportionate so the figure has these short legs and long arms and there's hardly any articulation. You can move the arms back and forth and turn the head around and that's it. The figure also has these annoying little hunks of translucent plastic that attach to the wings (or the gun if you want to turn it into a melee weapon), and they just don't stay on. In fact, the picture on the right of the robot mode is missing one of the things because it fell off right before I took the picture. The little robo-mutant only has three toes too, and that can't be good...

Transformation: 9 Surprisingly cunning and difficult for such a small toy. The one saving grace.
Durability: 6 Cheap plastic and some pieces that are VERY easy to lose.
Fun: 6 I guess if you're a kid it's good, cheap fun, but if you're an adult, that's what prostitutes are for.
Price: 8 At least it's cheap.
Overall: 6 In retrospect, I'm sorry I bought it and I wouldn't recommend it unless you're a completist and even then I'd recommend just buying the one to keep in the box.
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