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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Seerus Nalaius' review of: Six Shot

Name: Six Shot
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Heavy Artillery/Orbital Bombardment
Sub-Group: Triple Changer
" I will destroy my enemy's spirit as soon as I crush his body."

Six Shot is a powerful and cunning Decepticon warrior. In tank mode, his treads can crush anything that ends up beneath them. His Energon-enhanced cannon is so powerful, it is credited with bringing down two Guardian robots during the Powerlinx Battles on Cybertron. Six Shot's armor is nearly impervious and he loves to bash Autobot metal in battle-royale fashion. His ultimate goal is to defeat Optimus Prime in hand-to-fist combat and he patiently waits for the day this opportunity will arise.

Having missed out on the chance to review Shockblast, I jumped at the chance to review Six Shot when i found him. I liked the Shockblast mold alot, and I am glad to see it again in a repaint that will be in the show. Sadly, the name Six Shot shouldn't have been used on this figure since he only has three modes, though they're awesome, nonetheless.

Vehicle Modes:

Six Shot starts off in his artillery cannon mode. This is the form Six Shot is packaged in, and it's an impressive cannon indeed. Sadly, his treads only have molded wheels, just like Shockblast did, but I guess that's not too big a deal. The cannon can lift up and down and rotate in a full circle, giving him few limits as to where he can aim. His colors in this mode are dark yellow, black, red, dark purple, with hints of yellow-orange on his treads and cannon.

From cannon mode, Six Shot is able to be converted to his satellite mode. This mode is probably my favorite one to have either Shockblast or Six Shot in (well, aside from their robot modes). The cannon looks more intimidating with its prongs open and all the solar panels out. Six Shot actually gets about 32 missiles on his legs in this mode, but sadly, not one fires. So he's more heavily armed here, yet he still doesn't look as good as Shockblast due to the colors (the color scheme remains the same as in his other vehicle mode). Both modes are nice and very impressive, and are definitely display-worthy, but he still has one last form.

Robot Mode:

Six Shot retains the awesome look and articulation of Shockblast, and still looks great, even with the awkward paintjob. Still, the yellow, red, dark purple, and black work for this mode, and rather well at that. His head has some transparent plastic on the top so his red eye can light up. If you slide the black button forward on his cannon, you'll open its prongs and solar panels, along with triggering a computing sound effect (I am honestly unsure as to what to call it, so that will have to do). Six Shot can strike a lot of poses, though some shooting poses will be difficult due to the weight of his cannon, and his torso is prone to tipping over because of the weight of the cannon and the fact that there's nothing to really hold down his torso. Otherwise, he is still one awesome Transformer, and should definitely stand right beside Shockblast, or any other Decepticon.

Transformation: 4 - Pretty simple to get, and nothing that's too complicated.
Durability: 8 - His torso might come loose since the hinges aren't too tight, but otherwise he's very, very sturdy.
Fun: 10 - He looks awesome, has a huge cannon, and three different modes, so there's plenty to do for fun.
Price: 5 - $25. Not that bad considering what you get.
Summary: 10 - If you already own Shockblast you can pass up Six Shot, but I'd recommend grabbing him since he is still an awesome toy.

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