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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
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Ultimate Weapon's review of: Shockblast

Name: Shockblast
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Rogue Homicidal Maniac
Sub-Group: NA

Shockblast is another homage figure to a Generation 1 character from the Energon line. He is available in stores at this time. I was able to get one at Toys R US, which they only had one of. Why he is named Shockblast instead of Shockwave I'm not really sure on. Not even sure if Hasbro still has the rights to this name. The last time Hasbro released a toy with that moniker was during the Action Master period. Of which Shockwave got his own release. Perhaps the Takara release of Armada Tidal Wave in their Micron Legend series would create too much confusion. Again this is only a theory.

Vehicle Mode:
Shockblast does indeed boast three modes of transformation. Whether the end result deserves bragging rights is another matter. He can turn from a robot then a military satellite and also into a mobile supercannon artillery. The cannon mode is quite nice and rolls around on a flat surface fine. There is not much else the figure does in this mode, other then fire his main weapon. The satellite is kind of cool in that it is sort of based off of Ronald Reagan's Star Wars military defense system. In that one large missile detected from the satellite would deflect any incoming projectiles. Mainly this mode is purely defensive, when guarding a base. Given the former character attributes this would not seem strange at all for Shockblast to wait around in alt mode for an attack. Much like the way G1 Shockwave always hung around.

Robot Mode:
The robot mode is clearly the highlight of this purchase. The one eyed glare of Shockblast commands authority to those who look upon him. He is sharp and articulated. Having a full range of motion in his legs and arms. Though the gun arm is a bit much. It's hard for the toy to have this arm straight down otherwise the cannon end will touch the ground, offsetting his balance. I wish it could also be detached. AAA batteries are needed to make a not so interesting sound. Kind of like a start then a muffle. As the saying goes batteries are not included. The colors are a nice tribute in purple and gray. The other outstanding color would be the military style green on the cannon arm.

Transformation: 3 - This guy is too simple. Not even worthy of the skill level rank they gave of 3. But then again a child my have some difficulty. Like when to push down the back panels, and fold them out in satellite mode. Then again I always figured stuff out as a kid. So screw those little tykes who have no transformation skills!
Durability: 9 - Like all the Energon line figures this one is tough. With hard plastic, and no paint chips or falling limbs. This one will last like most of your new toy collection.
Fun: 8 - Shockblast is a decent figure among the Energon line. Iam not expecting too much from these toys lately. But Iam amused now that I have this figure. So the potential for entertainment value is there. It just depends how much imagination you are willing to put forth. This is definelty one of the better figures.
Price: 7 - $19.99 maybe a lot for some people. I will admit that at first I did not grab the figure and run to the check stand. I had to question my decision and eventually let my irrational side kick in. So the question is left up to you.
Summary: 9 - This figure is nice and will complement your collection well. I would recommend this figure over most of the Energon line to date. So go out, find it and have some fun.

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