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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Alternate Mode:
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Clay's review of: Hot Shot (repaint)

Name: Energon Hot Shot
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Warrior
Sub-Group: NA
"One is never too fast or too strong to let their guard down"

Energon Hot Shot's enhanced physical state has made him faster and tougher than ever. Before his physical upgrade, Hot Shot was dependent primarily on his speed and tactical abilities during battle. His energon-enhanced body has now given him the strength and endurance required when facing off against some of Megatron's larger warriors such as Scorponok and Demolishor. In addition to being one of Optimus Prime's most valuable soldiers, Energon Hot Shot continues to be a positive role model to younger Autobot rookies such as Ironhide and Rodimus.

I picked up Energon Hot Shot after being fairly un-annoyed with him in the 500th episode special, and was also just wanting to waste $10 on a toy I didn't have yet. He's a little more remarkable than the Armada version, but that's not a high bar to jump. He's the flagship $10 Autobot for the Energon line, and that's evident even if you haven't seen show because there are eight-hundred-billion of these things sitting on the store shelves.

He was repainted during Armada, and so he is repainted again for the last half of Energon. What a trooper!

Robot Mode:
I'll start with the robot mode, because I'm a rebel like that. He doesn't really resemble his Armada incarnation much apart from have car bits sticking out. He has the 'bad' scheme for the superlink gimmick, so that leaves him with huge legs and tiny arms. He has ball joints for his shoulders, but the design doesn't let him stretch out to a 'T' shape. His rear windows form giant knee guards, so no Decepticon will hurt him there. Hot Shot's face is perhaps the most distracting feature... he just looks a little... well... weird, in a less like antanae, more like cat ears way.

Also, his little gun has a kickstand on it. Ponder that.

Vehicle Mode:
Hot Shot comes packaged as a grey car. Though it's not based on a specific model as far as I know, it does looks more like a real car than his Playskool-esque Armada version. The doors and hood can open, and he even has a little molded engine with the autobot symbol on it. That's not something usually found in main line toys, so it's worth noting.

Superlink Mode:
This is where it really becomes hit or miss. There are three basic schemes for the superlinking-autobots that have been developed:

1) The 'feet as blasters over the shoulders' scheme (Inferno, Towline, who both are really good figures, just to throw that in). 2) The 'however to describe the little Optimus' scheme. (Optimus) 3) And the 'feet for hands' scheme (all the rest).

Hot Shot uses the last one, and it's fairly unremarkable. As the bottom half, his head is much more thoroughly hidden than, say, Rodimus, but the only other modification is that his arms are folded back. As the top half, he's almost too bulky. Like all the other Autobots that use this scheme, he doesn't really have hands as much as two holes for weapons. It's kind of ungainly, but there is a little bit of articulation by superlinking him on top.

Transformation: 8 - Despite looking less than overwhelmingly cool in superlink mode, it is a fairly well thought-out idea. It's pretty intuitive, and I didn't need the directions.
Durability: 10 - This guy's a little rock. Nothing's going to break unless you step on him intentionally.
Fun: 5 - Meh. He fails to inspire me, to be honest.
Price: 8 - Standard deluxe price. Didn't feel jipped, but it didn't feel like a deal, either.
Summary: 6 - He's not that essential, unless you just want him because you like the character, or already have most of the other superlinking Autobots and just want to pick up the one or two you don't have. I suppose the best way to describe him overall is that he's fairly average: a gimmick gets too high a priorty, and the toy suffers a bit because of it, but still manages to be mostly ok. He's not the worst transformer ever, but he's definately on the lower rungs of Energon.

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