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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Sir Auros' review of: Rodimus

Name: Rodimus
Function: Omnicon Foreman
Sub-Group: Omnicons

First cartoon appearance: N/a
"l can take down any DECEPTICON without getting a scratch"

Rodimus is a wild, rebellious young Autobot and foreman to the Omnicons. His taste for danger is almost greater than his sense of style. He is an aggressive, headstrong young warrior who will not think twice about rushing into battle. Rodimus is able to powerlinx with his Autobot brother, Inferno. In vehicle mode, he becomes a semi-truck capable of great speeds. Rodimus' primary weapon is a powerful energon cannon, which he often uses to teach the Decepticons two very important battle maneuvers... run and hide.

Vehicle Mode:
Looks like the guys from Monster Garage took a semi truck and had all kinds of fun with it. Rodimus has a fairly badass vehicle mode that is only similar to his G1 namesake in colorscheme and that he's a hotrodding vehicle. I haven't read anything in regards to Rodimus being able to pull some other, yet-to-be-released figure, but there is a hook on the back of the truck that suggests that there will be a figure Rodimus will be capable of pulling. The vehicle mode looks really cool and has a place on the back for either a Minicon or the figure's energon gun.

Robot Mode:
It's very clear from the character's design that Hasbro was going for a G1 Rodimus Prime style design and they really pulled it off in this mode. The head is perfect and I'm pleased that they're using ball and socket joints again with the arms. There are some flaws with this mode though and one of them is fairly disappointing. The chest/torso is absudly thin and the result is that the figure is very two-dimensional and lacks something resembling a decent back. The shoulders aren't particularly sturdy and I've found that this lessens the amount of dynamic poses the arms can maintain. The legs also lack much articulation, but that's not as large an issue as the flimsy pieces of plastic on the feet that are to be used to help the figure stand up. Honestly, the ugly chunks of orange plastic feel cheaper than any plastic I've ever encountered other than that Landfill knockoff I purchased last summer than literally crumbled in my hands. He does have a firing weapon that isn't built into his body and he can be put in a few good poses and is fun to play with, so the robot mode ends up being decent. Things could have been improved though.

Transformation: 6 - Pretty easy to transform him into robot mode, but I had to do a little bit of tinkering to get him back into vehicle mode for the first time.
Durability: 6 - The "heels" of the feet feel cheap and one of them fell off the first time I transformed the figure and now falls off every time. The halves of the spoiler are also very loose in robot mode.
Fun: 9 - I'd imagine the figure would be fun for a child due to the color scheme and decent modes and articulation and the selling point for adult collectors would be the for the same reasons.
Price: 8 - I think it was worth the Deluxe-range pricetag.
Overall: 8 - If it didn't have the color scheme it has, I wouldn't have bought it, but the color scheme put it above only average and onto my shelf.
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