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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:
Technical Specifications:

Optimus_Type-R's review of: Prowl

Name: Prowl
Allegiance: Autobots
Function: Autobot Head of Security
Sub-Group: NA
"You can run from justice, but I'll catch you."

Prowl is an Autobot and head of security for several strategic bases. He is faster than any of his comrades in both robot and vehicle mode. His powerful cannon can fire weapons of restraint on his enemies, such as energon nets and cages. In vehicle mode, he is a Formula One police car capable of great speed and maneuverability. Any Decepticon that has tried to escape his pursuit has met with failure. Prowl is able to powerlinx with Inferno. He is a true team player but his suspicious nature prevents him from completely trusting any of his Autobot teammates.

Vehicle Mode:
Prowl is a F1 police car, and as such, looks pretty good. His colour scheme is mainly blue with accents of white, gold, grey and some translucent blue where the driver would be. He also has clear red and blue police 'lights'His robot mode is mostly hidden here with the exception the joints in his legs and arms and even then there is not much of them showing. There is a lot of little details that make this figure, for example, in the back wheels he has silver brake rotors, and gold calipers. He has the words 'Police' written on the top of either side of him and some Japanese Kanji on the sides. There is also police written on either side of the huge spoiler with the autobot symbol in the middle. The spoiler also has adjustable wings on it, which you can make it larger or smaller. Prowl has two holes on either side of him that you can attach his gun into (or any other weapon)The only part that I don't like about this figure it the exhaust/head. It's a nice touch that they tried to incorporate the exhaust pips on the side of the head into the car mode but mine always seem to sit wrong or fall down to expose his face. Other than that, it's a great figure.

Robot Mode:
The transformation is really simple, pull down the legs and fold out the feet (pull down the cockpit as well). Fold up the side to become massive shoulders and arms, and fold out the hands. In his robot mode he looks like an NFL linebacker as his large rear wheels have become his shoulders. Again his colour scheme is the same, with some darker grey parts on his legs. His elbows are ball jointed so there is a good degree of flexibility here. His face is well-detailed, with it having a white face and gold eyes. His helmut also has these dark eyebrow like things on it as well. Prowl's arms and legs are very poseable, the only thing that limits the poses you can have this figure in is the head. It only tilts left or right, he can't look up, down, left or right! For this reason he'll often find himself in car mode or the legs to Hot Shot or Inferno (Rodimus is also used as a pair of legs). On that note I like the fact that when he is used as legs for one of his team mates, his spoiler/chest becomes a kind of chest armour for the top bot.

Transformation: 3 Prowl is pretty easy to transform, not too may tricks.
Durability: 8 He is good here, with the exception of his head which has fallen off on me a couple times.
Fun: 8 He's pretty fun, especially with the other Autobot Deluxes.
Price: 8 $9.49-11.99 Canadian, depending on where you go, he's won't hurt the wallet that much (I got him as a gift so it was a 10 for me).
Summary: 7.5, He's not a must own for the Energon line, but he's a good figure none the less.

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