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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:
Technical Specifications:

Civ's review of: Landmine

Name: Landmine
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Unknown
Sub-Group: NA
"Unknown as of now..."

No bio info provided yet.

Vehicle Mode:
Landmine has one official alternate mode that I know of and that is battlefield tow truck. When I first saw Landmine on the Internet, I immediately said, "YICK!" However, when I saw him in person in my local Walmart, he looked much better than the pics could have ever done. His tow truck mode is quite unique looking. It has a battering ram/plow and the cab can be separated from the trailer/towing equipment. He has a reeling system where you can grab his hook and pull it out, which reveals a utility string. If you push a button on the assembly, it will reel in the string and if you press it a bit harder, it will make a reeling sound. You can hook other Autobots, like Rodimus, and tow them wherever you please. One minor issue is a rather large gap between the plow and the hood of the truck, so that can be a bit of an eyesore. The color scheme is surprisingly pleasing with light orange, sky blue, black, gray, and dark blue.

Robot Mode:
Landmine is unique because he has two robot modes: a normal looking robot as well as a "super-mode". His normal robot mode looks good in my opinion. He has full range of motion in his elbows, knees (both normally and twisting), shoulders in both the sagittal plane (front to back) and the frontal plane (lateral movement), and waist. He has limited movement in his ankles due to the various linkages and he can rotate his head 360 degrees, but cannot look up or down. Overall he looks fairly sturdy, except for the linkages in his feet and the linkages in his waist. These linkages help form the battering ram/plow and I can see these being a problem with younger children or early teens.

In normal mode, his trailer/towing equipment transforms into a battle station. Personally, I think this thing is ugly and not very sturdy. It's far too easy to knock it out of its transformation since it only depends on pin joints to keep it up. The firing missile can be especially dangerous to young children, since it seems to work on a hair trigger and I've accidentally shot myself in the glasses once with it while trying to transform it into Landmine's super-mode. The towing apparatus really scared the hell out of me, when it came apart in my hand. Little did I know at the time, the apparatus was designed to do this and easily snaps back into place. My best guess as to why it does this is to provide a failsafe so if a child bumps it too hard, there's a give-point so that it won't break.

Landmine's super-mode is a bit of pain to get him into, mainly due to the trailer. You have to separate the treads from the base of trailer and that caused me a lot of difficulty because I didn't want to apply too much force otherwise I was afraid I would break it. I thought I did once or twice and that does not leave a good feeling when you just bought a new figure. The treads become claws for Landmine and I must say that they look rather good on him since it gives him a sort of Marvel Wolverine feel, like he's going to shred a Decepticon. The base of the trailer turns into a backpack with the towing apparatus and missile launcher on each side of Landmine's head. When you snap the backpack into Landmine's back, the insertion point underneath the missile launcher is rigged with a sensor that triggers a G1 transformation sound (you know, the au-au-aw-au-aie-eh-eh-ep sound). The backpack and claws really make Landmine look tough. I personally think his super-mode is by far the best looking and that's how I usually have him posed.

The robot's overall poseability is quite good. He's nearly as articulate as Masterpiece Prime and I can get him into a variety of different poses.

Transformation: Nine. There are two major points on this figure that frustrate the hell out of this 25-year-old man. One is the backpack and how it snaps into the back. This is not easy since you have to play around with the insertion pegs to get it to fit properly. The other one is the plow/battering ram because of the linkages. I must have spent a half-hour trying to get those things lined up just right in order to make it look like the picture on the box. I finally had to use the tip of a plastic mechanical pencil to get them to bend the way I wanted. The reason you have to be so picky with the linkages is if they aren't just right, the plow will drag on the ground and Landmine's traveling will not feel right. This frustrated me to know end and I can imagine a 5 or 7-year-old chucking this thing across the room in shear frustration. This transformation is easily for people in their mid-teens at the very least. The box gives the difficulty of this character as a 3 out of 4, I would give it a 6. Scorponok gets a 4 out of 4 and he's a piece-of-cake to transform.
Durability: Eight. Pretty solid except for the links, which is a good thing, since it will need that durability when the little kid chucks it against the wall in frustration and anger.
Fun: Six. Not nearly as much fun as Scorponok, but still not bad. It's fun to drag Rodimus all over the place. The poseability also adds to the fun figure as well. The difficulty of the transformation also hurts the fun figure.
Price: Same as Scorponok, I'll give him a 6. If I remember correctly, he only cost $27 at Walmart.
Summary: Five. He's a good toy but I feel he's better suited for older kids mainly due to the difficulty in his transformation. He's fun to pose and all and have battles with Scorponok, but he just doesn't give me the same amount of joy as Scorponok does.

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