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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:
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Seerus Nalaius' review of: KB Demolishor

Name: Demolishor
Allegiance: Autobot, Decepticon
Function: Guard, Warrior
Sub-Group: NA

Ah, Demolishor. You had so much going for you in Energon. A great paint job. A new job at Ocean City. Hanging out with Optimus and the Autobots, plus great characterization when you were on screen. Too bad you had to ditch everything and get turned into that monkey truck. Oh well, here's a happy reminder of the fonder days in the character of Demolishor.

Vehicle Mode:
Demolishor retains the same furturistic tank/turrent form as before, only now, he has one awesome paintjob. Painted just like the Constructicons of old, Demolishor looks so much cooler with that psuedo-glow in the dark color for most of his body. His treads, seat, and back are purple, with black for his missiles and hands. Silver is found on his chest, along with some grey, and his hatch is painted in yellow and black caution stripes. Thats a nice, neat little touch. I like these colors better than the original ones, just because the shade of green is so awesome.

Robot Mode:
With a quick transformation Demolishor takes on the same robot mode we saw in Armada. He still has some problems, though. His arms are poorly articulated at the shoulders, his elbows and wrists can't turn or bend much at all, and his head can't rotate unless you turn his upper body. But still, I like his look, and I can get a lot of fun out of him. The colors remain the same in this mode, but the two things that disappoint me are:

-He doesn't have an Energon Star point. It isn't that big of a deal, but, since we got to see him with an Energon Star, it just bugs me.

-He doesn't have his 3-D color eyes. Instead, one is purple, and the other isn't painted at all.

Blackout is painted in the same colors as Demolishor, but, otherwise, remains unchanged. He still has very limited articulation, but he is one of the better early Minicons. Though he is easily forgotten due to the absence of Minicons in Energon, other than the Energon Sabre and Perceptor.

Transformation: 4 - Still simple, you shouldn't need to see the directions at all.
Durability: 5 - He's tough, but the joints on mine are loose, and pull the halves of his torso apart for his transformation have brought some discomforting snaps to my ears.
Fun: 6 - He's a bit limited in what he can do, but the classic paint job and cool vehicle mode make up for this.
Price: 5 - I got him at a discount (yay), but that only lowered him to the same price as the other deluxes (boo). If you can't find him discounted at Kay-Bee, you may want to pass since paying $12-15 seems a little too much for a repaint with no new features or differences.
Summary: 6 - A great paintjob, but that's about it. He's even harder to find since Kay-Bee stores are closing left and right, so your best best is probably E-bay. Either way you can expect to pay more for him then a normal deluxe. If price doesn't bother you, then I'd say go for it.

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