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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:
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Seerus Nalaius' review of: KB Cyclonus

Name: Cyclonus
Allegiance: Autobot/Decepticon
Function: Guard/Aerial Warrior
Sub-Group: NA

Cyclonus...oy. Nobody got on my nerves in Armada more than him. His toy wasn't much fun, he was anoying, and he never contributed anything to the plot of Armada or Energon (up to this point anyway). Well, since I bought Demolisher's repaint, I figured I'd pick up Cyclonus' repaint as well. It's worth a review, so here we go...

Vehicle Mode:
He's the same as before, but now he has a nice looking black, gray, and white camouflage paint job. It makes him look much better and redeems him a bit in my book. Pulling the trigger on the tail spins his rotor, making alot of noise. It gets annoying real fast. His missiles fire out in this mode, but other then what I have pointed out, he is unable to do much at all.

Robot Mode:
After an insultingly simple transformation, Cyclonus is still the same figure, with the same annoying, glaring problems. He keeps his cool paint job, but that doesn't help at all in this mode. His head can only tilt up or down,and can't be turned to either side, let alone look straight forward. His arms barely have any articulation, and the same goes for his legs. The poses for him are limited to the extremes, so just avoid this mode if you can. However, he gets his weird little shin shotguns, but those don't add much to this mode either.

Crumplezone always was a poor Minicon, and even with a new paint job he still sucks. He's black on his upper body, and grey on his lower body, which looks better then the colors previously, but thats not saying much.

Transformation: 2 - Not Minicon simple, but stil simple enough to be insulting. Directions are NOT needed.
Durability: 3 - He's decently tough, but just like my Demolisher repaint, his joints are getting loose fast.
Fun: 4 - Cyclonus won't give you the fun a transformer should, even with this cool paintjob. It's best to just pass him by.
Price: 5 - I got him at a discount (yay), but that only lowered him to the same price as the other deluxes (boo). If you can't find him discounted at Kay-Bee, you may want to pass, since paying $12-15 seems a little too much for a repaint with no new features or differences.
Summary: 3.5 - Good paintjob, but the figure is still lame. Poor articulation, few features, and not worth paying the Kay-Bee price. Had it not been for a discount since the store was closing, I wouldn't have grabbed him.

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