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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:
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Seerus Nalaius' review of: Jetfire

Name: Jetfire
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Warrior
Sub-Group: NA
"Eat my vapor trail."

Jetfire is a skilled and professional Autobot soldier who has fought alongside Optimus Prime in many battles. He likes to come across as care free among his Autobot comrades but is down right serious when fighting Decepticons. He can transform into a powerful space shuttle and is able to power-linx with Ironhide. A great teacher in the ways of battle, Jetfire has vowed to shape Ironhide into a seasoned warrior like himself.

Energon Jetfire is one of those ideas that works better on TV or paper then in reality. While the charater looks great in the show, comics, and art, his toy is very disappointing to me.

Vehicle Mode:
Jetfire is a much more futuristic looking space shuttle then he was in Armada. This is both good and bad. It's good because it helps represent the passage of time between Armada and Energon, and obviously Transformer technology has advanced. It's also bad because most tend to hate it when the 'robots in disguise' idea is tossed out the window, and for a lot of the Energon line, this is what has happened. However, this is Jetfire's better mode, so it's ok, maybe even decent. The colors in this form are mainly a reddish brown (brownish red?), white, grey, and hints of orange and blue. Jetfire's gun is located under the nose of the shuttle, and can be fired from a button on the roof of the cockpit. And strangely, the whole cockpit of mine is gimpy. It tends to tilt up at an angle instead of laying out flat, so it looks weird and stupid.

Robot Mode:
I've heard people called Energon Optimus fat...they must not have seen Jetfire. His upper body is far too wide, which really makes the rest of him horrible. His head is on a flip board that folds out from the nose of his shuttle mode, so he has no head movement whatsoever, but when it touches the neck you get the classic transforming sound. Another problem is that the head and arms are attached to a detatchable portion of the shuttle that rotates when you chane him from robot to shuttle. I find this tends to pop off too easliy and it irritates me to no end, oh well. His chest has capture claws, but I don''t see any point to these. Whats he going to capture with them? My fingers? Minicons? Either way it feels like a pointless idea, but it does look good, just not a gimmick fit for his toy. The shoulders are ok, and the armor and fins look pretty good. The arms however, suffer from the same problem as Energon Cliffjumper. They connect to the elbow with a ball joint. Normally, ball and sockets are a good thing on transformers, but at the elbow is a bad idea. They pop out and limit the poses, plus the left one on my Jetfire has worn down a bit, so the arm flops around and won't stay. His legs look ok too, a bit bulky, but unlike his body, it actually works for me. Overall, this mode is ugly. Try to leave him in his shuttle mode, or get him linked to Ironhide or Cliffjumper as the bottom part.

Transformation: 6 - He's decently complicated, but he is also poorly designed too. The head and arms idea could've been done better or different.
Durability: 4 - With a big part that can pop off, and interenal electronics, Jetfire doesn't exactly feel or sound that durable.
Fun: 5 - Sadly Jetfire is limited here. If you can powerlink him then i guess he goes up to a 7.
Price: 6 - Not worth $25. Thankfully most of the old Mega class Energon toys are discounted now. Wish I had wanted til they were lower in price...
Summary: 6 - Jetfire had good potential, and he disappointed me greatly. Had I waited until he went down in price this review would have been better, but it wouldn't have been that much better. In the end, with Jetfire, is buy at your own risk. He looks good in his shuttle mode, or as the bottom half of a powerlink combo, but that's about it.

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