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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Tempest's review of: Inferno

Name: Inferno
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Strategist/Sharpshooter
Sub-Group: NA
"Always look before you leap."

Inferno is a true Autobot, always looking out for the safety and well being of those around him. In vehicle mode, he is a powerful firetruck capable of heroic, and often dangerous, search and rescue missions. In robot mode, he is a skilled targetmaster and sniper. Inferno thinks before he acts, aware of the consequences of his actions. He is able to powerlinx with Hot Shot and always provides a well thought-out approach before battle.

Standing tall on my desk, I look at the mass of red that is Inferno and wonder, "Why didn't Hasbro get darker plastic for his chest?" But that's just me. I look at the detail in his legs, the detail in his arms (epically his left shoulder) and then I look at that big gun on his right arm. You'd come off worse in a fight against this guy.

Inferno is featured in the new series of Transformers, 'Energon' which takes place 10 years after Armada (I am not going into great detail). He was one of the new characters introduced in the series. He was with Optimus Prime on Cybertron before heading off to Earth. You wanna know more? Go watch the series.

Vehicle Mode:
He's quite simple really. He folds up quite nicely into his artillery truck mode. His arms bend behind himself, his legs go up, and the chest shifts a little and Shazzam! He's done. On the sides are grey rails that fold out to hold the whole thing into shape, if you play around with it enough it could go diamond shaped.

The artillery gun is what catches my eye. It's massive. It's as long Inferno himself. You can also actually remove it *pop*, and then he becomes a bit lame, so *pop* it stays back on. Every time it comes off I am careful because I hear a loud cracking sound. Usually I just leave it on.

Robot Mode:
Probably one of the most basic Deluxe moulds I've seen through all the generations. I saw somewhere that it was almost the exact same transformation as a Mini-Con found in the Armada section. If you remove the gun, you can transform him in 4 steps, seconds even.

What I like about this guy, is that he is symmetric except for a few small differences, that's if you have removed the gun. Once you put the gun on (or leave it on) you have to bend it a little bit, because it hits the ground. As I said before, the plastic in his chest is very light and shows his Powerlinx pins very easily. Over all he's a very good mould.

Transformation: 4 - You don't need the instructions for this one.
Durability: 7 - While he does have strong plastic, he has some dodgy joints. If you don't angle his arms just right, his shoulders pop out. Also, the gun barrel can snap of sometimes, but you can just put it back on.
Fun: 7 - Lots of fun all around, in all modes.
Price: 6 - Not a bad buy, but I was disappointed with how easy it was to transform.
Summary: 7 - A very good mould all together. Uses the Powerlinx function very well, and is very basic. A good starter for new collections, especially if you're starting at Energon.

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