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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Clay's review of: Energon Saber Minicons

Name: Skyboom, Wreckage, Scattor
Allegiance: Minicon
Function: Weaponry
Sub-Group: Minicons
"Our individual powers are impressive. Our combined power is legendary."

The Energon saber is considered one of the most powerful weapons in the universe. This legendary sword is the combined form of the Minicons Wreckage, Scattor and Skyboom, three individuals who understand the importance of teamwork. Allied with the heroic Autobots, they are an important element in the ongoing struggle against the evil Decepticons. More importantly, they may be the ultimate key that can save the cosmos from the threat of Megatron and the mighty Unicron.

Well... There's not as much to say about these little fellows than I thought there'd be. They're remolds of the Star/Dark Sabre sets from Armada, and the new parts are exagerated to look more 'energon-y', which does help make them look more like a sword for their combined mode. I confess that I don't know which one is which, so I'll just lump them all together.

Vehicle Mode:
Very yellow. They no longer resemble the planes that they were originally based on. Instead, we have some furturistic protrusions here and there, and it's translucent so you can't really notice any of it without looking carefully. They do keep well in this mode, and don't take a lot of time to flop down on a toy shelf and look nice.

Robot Mode:
As before, the robot modes are still very yellow, but the grey parts show more now since we're essentially looking at the underside of each plane. The transformations are surprisingly elaborate for toys so small, so I find this appealing. They're actually fairly well articulated considering their size, and the requirement to have a combined mode lumped in. Overall, nifty little guys

Energon Saber Mode:
Transformer toys don't usually get extra bits and pieces sold separately, and when they finally did get them in armada, it was slightly overwhelming. In energon, they've trimmed the minicon sets down to just two, so overall it's nice to have without the overpowering numbers previously. To compare them to the orignal set, I would have to say that these little fellows hold together much more securely in their combined mode. As a sword, it's convincing enough, considering it's made out of three smaller transformers. A Wing Convoy can look nice holding it.

Transformation: 8 - Complex enough without ruining all three modes; simple enough to figure out.
Durability: 6 - As with most transformers this small, one good foot-stepping can do them in.
Fun: 8 - $6-$7 Pretty much anywhere, and not hard to come by at all.
Price: 9 - They are neat to play with on their own, and can give larger toys something to use, too.
Summary: 7 - If you like little transformers, you'll probably dig these. I prefer them to the armada versions because the sabre mode falls apart less, and just looks better, too. If you have enough time, you could repaint one green so Megatron can have a sword he can hold. Basically, it's a nice set for a niche market. If you're in that niche, go for it.

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