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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:

Ultimate Weapon's review of: Dreadwing

Name: Dreadwing
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Unknown
Sub-Group: NA

Hasbro is no stranger to repaints, and Energon is going have their fair fill of them. That being said it seems that even repaints are more available then the initial releases of the toys. It seems this is the case in Dreadwing's circumstance. I have never seen a Mirage on any toy shelves. But low and behold I found his repainted version Dreadwing, who I wanted any. I would just chock up this anomaly to poor distribution, but then again Transfans are never satisfied with any answer. Their only answer is to have the product in hand.

Released under the name Dreadwing for Hasbro's Generation 2 line in 1994. The Energon figure has little to no resemblance at all with the past toy, except for the name. The reused name Dreadwing was reassigned from the combined form of Decepticon Dreadwind and Darkwing released in 1988.

Vehicle Mode:
This mode I believe represents a skimmer battalion ship. Much like the WWII PT-Cruisers. It is equipped with two missile launchers on the deck as well as rear side launchers. Located near the bow are 4 depth chargers. They can be pulled off of their pegs and deployed. The alt mode rolls around well on a smooth surface. This mode can be fun but I think the robot mode is more eye catching.

Robot Mode:
Dreadwing stands just about the same height as Energon Shockblast. He is well articulated and posable. The arms reminded me of Energon Starscream and have even more mobility with two points of oscillation above and below the double elbow joint. The hips have 180 degrees of motion and can move 360 above the knee, which only moves back at 90 degrees. A trigger on the back when pressed releases the missile guns from the back so that now they are shoulder-mounted weapons. The rear missiles are now the forearms on the robot. This action cause a springing sound and a launching sound if you have AAA batteries installed. The color is more monotone and solid compared to the original Mirage figure. Which had at least more then 4 colors in it. The subtle gray reminds me more of a battle ship out at sea then a black Knight Boat wannabe.

Transformation: 5 - Hasbro gave the figure a 3 out of 4 on the skill level. Yet I pushed mine up to five. Not really because it's hard but rather the way they tell you it should be transformed given the pictures on the box. I thought the ship hulls, which hang down from the side, are an obstruction. So it's good that they can be removed if you so desire.
Durability: 8 - The middle torso popped off on my figure during transformation. That is the piece that is the window of the boat craft. It is an oscillating piece so be careful when moving it.
Fun: 8 - This figure is a nice addition to anyone's collection. Given the non-historical nature of this release, other then G2, he will need some thinking in order to discover the personality within.
Price: 7 - I paid $19.99 and had a hard time making the final decision. But eventually I caved in a bought a figure from a line that I hardly own half of the figures released. Use your best judgment and buy this figure keeping in mind that there is also one available in a black color scheme.
Summary: 9 - This figure is well crafted and looks the way a Decepticon soldier should. I'm sure that you will buy him when he is available so don't miss the opportunity.

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