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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Alternate Mode:
Box Art:
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Sir Auros' review of: Divebomb

Name: Divebomb
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Aerial Terrorcon
Sub-Group: Terrorcon
"To challenge me is to accept your defeat."

Divebomb is a ruthless ninja-like Terrocon. Like a bird-of-prey, he never misses his target. In robot mode, his sharp Energon blades and slashing tools give him the edge in close-range fighting. He uses his leg turbines to hover when battling his enemies, overwhelming them with powerful slashes. In hawk mode, his dangerous feathers can cut like blades. There is no stopping this Terrorcon once he has selected his prey.

Divebomb is the second Energon figure to really astound me and is easily my second-favorite figure in the line after Starscream. In addition to just looking really sharp, the figure has a nice range of articulation and pretty much everything else one looks for in a good Transformer.

Vehicle Mode:
Divebomb's alternate mode is a very keen robotic bird of prey and I think it looks amazing. The translucent "feathers" are dazzling and the wingspan is surprisingly wide. The bird mode is well-sculpted and looks more like a G1 figure than a Beast Wars figure because it resembles more of a robotic bird than a bird that turns into a robot. The bird mode looks fine to display the figure in, but it's also plenty of fun to play with.

Robot Mode:
Divebomb's robot mode doesn't get a lot of airtime on the Energon cartoon, but it really looks amazing. The legs are especially interesting as they have a gundamesque design and really looks unique for a Transformer. His alternate mode's head turns into his hands and it works because he can still hold his energon weapon. The arms have a good range of motion and he can even be put in some interesting poses, which is somewhat impressive for a basic priced figure. I generally keep my Divebomb in display in the robot mode in some sort of robotic ninja pose. One thing that could bother people about the robot mode is that the feet from bird mode form these strange protusions from his shoulders. It looks kind of odd, but I don't think it detracts from the figure as a whole.

Transformation: 8 - Not hard, but very well-designed.
Durability: 9 - Not a single part feels fragile.
Fun: 8 - Very cool and fun in both modes.
Price: 10 - Low price, high quality.
Summary: 10 - Simply an awesome figure.

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