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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Seerus Nalaius' review of: Cliffjumper

Name: Cliffjumper
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Warrior
Sub-Group: NA

I found Cliffjumper by pure luck at my local Wal-Mart, and it was sheer luck that he was totally intact because he box was horribly ripped and torn apart. Thankfully that didn't stop me from purchasing him and Mirage on that day. So anyways, here's my review...

Vehicle Mode:
I'm not into cars that much, but if I had to guess at Cliffjumper's alt mode, I'd say it's either a dune buggy/racer mix. Either way he would really tear up some sand in the desert. His colors are mainly brown and yellow in this mode, with some red on his windows, a little white on his spoiler fins, blue for his headlights, and green on his engine block. The guns on the front of the car can be fired and are able to tilt up to a near 90 degree angle. The engine block also has a battery compartment, and once you put the batteries in Cliffjumper makes a "zooming/reving" sound, for lack of a better term. I personally find it annoying since I seem to trigger it when I grab him or transform him, so the batteries are an option on your tolerance for his noise. Not a bad car mode, but the sounds may bother you if you keep hitting the button by accident like me.

Robot Mode:
Ok, so lets get this Autobot into his robot mode. First grab each side of the front wheels and pull the legs apart. Then fold the side bumpers down and tilt the front wheels up. Pull the front bumper out and swing it up under the wheels for the next step. Now we fold down the green engine block and twist his head around so it's facing the right way. Swing the back wheels up until they point straight up, then turn them so the hupcaps are facing you. Next, split the front cab apart and bring it up, then move each half to the side to form his shoulders, lift it one more notch up to expose his arms. Fold them down, and swing his fists out. Twist his legs inward so they are facing the correct way and remove the guns from his shoulders and place them in his hands. Fold the spoiler fins down until they lay flat, and move it down to make a crest on crest on his chest. Oh, and don't forget to move the black hood halves on his legs down to form his balancers, or he may have trouble standing on his own. Now that he's in robot mode, his colors are mainly green and brown, with yellow on his shoulderswith a little, red, white and blue here and there. In this form he looks like a military desert commander, and given his alt form I'd say Hasbro nailed that look for this guy (if thats what they aimed for anyway). Cliffjumper has decent possibility in this mode, and can strike some good poses. The only problems though are his arms and feet. The ball and sockets don't really work well for me, and I think they limit the range of movement for Cliffjumper (I can say the same for Energon Jetfire too since he has the same type of arms), and plus they will pop out if moved the wrong way or if you twist too hard. As for his feet, they look kinda clunky and poorly designed. They seem to be a little too large as well, and take up too much of his legs, so they won't bend to well at the knee. This is just my opinion though.

Transformation: 6 - Not too complicated at all. I read the directions just to be safe since I hate to get confused with transforming them (Mirage was a nightmare since I didn't read his directions).
Durability: 8 - The only weak part on him would be his arms, sicne those ball and socket joints will pop out.
Fun: 8 - He's good to pose and play with, but he isn'tthe best out there. Still a good buy though
Price: $25, dcent price, though with the condition he was in I should have gotten a discount (stupid cheap Wal-Mart)
Summary: 8 - he fun, he can powerlink with my Ironhide and Jetfire, and looks good when stood next to all the other Energon Autobots, so I believe it was a good choice to get him. Though he is rare at the moment (this is the first and ONLY time I have seen him so far), he should show up a bit more in the coming months.

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