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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Seerus Nalaius' review of: Alpha Quintesson

Name: Alpha Quintesson
Allegiance: Decepticon (not really, but that's what the box says)
Function: Strategy/Terrorcon Creation
Sub-Group: Quintessons

Alpha Q is an interesting "Transformer" (I use that term loosely due to the fact that nothing on him really transforms). In fact, it's such a unique and different toy that it defies the format in which these toys are usually made, in that he doesn't really have a robot or vehicle mode.

When I heard they were releasing an Alpha Q, toy I was excited. Perhaps it's the idea of a being with five different minds. Maybe it's the way he acted. Either way, something about the character really hits home for me. The toy is a slight departure from the show version. His colors are mainly light, medium, and dark green. He has yellow along his shoulders, grey and silver on his claws, and a nasty copper brown on his torso and forearms.

Since he has no legs, his body stands by inserting the peg at the bottom into the little black tentacle stand. He can rotate a full 360 degrees, and pushing the stand causes the tentacles to rotate and spin. Each of the three tentacles are flexible, and can be twisted and turned however you want them. The tips end with a chain saw, grasping claw, or a bunch of purple sparks. They're neat, but kinda out of place since he never had any weapons on the show. He also has a gun that plugs into the pipe atop his head. Its not held in tight, so it can rotat around, and you can give it to a Decepticon if you don't like how it looks (Snowcat actually looks pretty good holding it).

His arms have really good articulation, even in his smaller forearm...arms. They can rotate, bend, and twist, which makes for many an interesting pose. Sadly, he only has three of his faces, but they do look good (just lacking a little bit of color). Pushing the large green button on the back of his head causes the faces to rotate. The mouth of his armor can open and close, so I guess that can be considered a face of some sort.

Other than that, there honestly isn't much more to say. Since he doesn't do much else, this review has come up shorter then I would have imagined, but don't mistake that as bad. I really like this toy, and feel it was worth the money paid for it.

Transformation: N/A - Nothing to transform at all.
Durability: 8 - The main body is pretty tough, though the arms are a bit softer and could wear if you are to rough with them.
Fun: 7 - Since he can't transform or move that much, the fun is limited. Though, changing his faces and talking in the different voices is really fun.
Price: 7 - $20. A bit much for what you get, but I can forgive it since Alpha Q is one of my favorite characters.
Summary: 8 - Alpha Q is limited in what he can do, but, with the right imagination, ideas, and a few more Transformers, I'm sure you'll find a lot of fun can be had with him.

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