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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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dedicon's review of: Vector Prime

Name: Vector Prime
Allegiance: Cybertron
Function: Guardian
Sub-Group: NA

Vector prime, an ancient warrior who came from the future but originally from the past, ten million years in the past. How can this be possible you ask? Simple, he has the power to warp himself and others through space and time. He brings the Microns (Minicons) with him to the Galaxy Force Universe and also teaches the Cybertrons (Autobots in Japanese Transformers universe) about the Force chips within them and the Planet Force keys they must collect to bring back Seibertron (Cybertron in the Japanese Transformers universe) from the "Grand black hole" that swallowed it.

Vehicle Mode:
Vector's alt mode is a nifty space cruiser, and he has so many details in him that you have to be blind to be bored by this mode. It's mostly grey with gold, maroon, and light translucent blue. He has tons of gears and cog-wheels molded on him and some carvings and two big solar wings. The only robot parts you can see are the fists, but it doesn't bother me personally. Under the nose, Vector has four turrets, a satellite dish, and radar. Very sweet. However, the parts I like in this mode most are the two mini wings in the front part of the cruiser. On the right side it's his sheathed sword, and on the left they made an exact duplicate of the sword part that sticks out just to make the thing symmetric! Roots sits in the front of the cruiser, just above the cockpit. On the tip of the nose there is a translucent blue missle that you can shoot. A very nice thing, considering it's useless in robot mode and was made just so the alternate mode will have some extra play value. The force chip can be inserted in this mode, and it looks good with, or without. Vector prime has two other minicon pegs, one on each side of the ship's rear.

Robot Mode:
Where should I start…Let's start from the face. His face and helmet are shaped so it will look like the Autobot symbol. But it also manages to look like Vector is an elder and serious warrior. And the fact he looks like he is wearing a helmet furthers his knightly looks. Vector looks like a medieval knight from top to bottom. His solar wings are now a cape (and a good one too), his forearms and hips are painted maroon, which gives you the feeling the grey parts are meant to be some kind of armor. He shows much less gears and cogs and plenty more carvings to add to his middle age looks. And this whole look makes Vector incredible. Add some great ratchet jointed articulation (the only articulation he misses are one in the head that can't move up and down, and one in the forearms that can't move left or right, but can swivel 360 degrees) makes him great for play AND display. The Force chip looks better on than off, and with the chip problem you don't have much choice (more on that later). Vector still has three Minicon pegs. One in the back (so Roots can stay behind his back next to the sword) or on either arm pegs. If the vehicle mode was awesome, the robot mode is almost divine.

Roots' vehicle mode is the same as his gun mode, Which basically makes him a huge gun with wings. His robot mode is rather dull, but then again I am no big fan of the Minicons. He makes a very good gun though.

Gimmicks and Accessories:
I decided Vector has such cool accessories, they deserve a paragraph or two.

The force chip details are incredible. It had all four planets' symbols on it, and a tiny Autobot symbol. The thing looks like a watch, and even has a dial on top. The back of the chip is painted maroon and is also full of details, one of them is a big Autobot symbol. The problem is with Vector's Force chip slot. It's very loose compared to Starscream's, So you you can't leave it on half-way. Then again, putting it half-way is just silly considering it's located right in the middle. It looks great on him and adds even more to this wonderful toy, so I leave it on all times. You should either put it somewhere safe or just leave it on Vector Prime.

This sword puts all the other Transformers' swords to shame (other than Fort max sword, which I don't have so I cannot comment on or compare to). It's longer than RID Scourge's sword, it's longer than the Energon/Star Saber; heck, it's even longer than Energon's Snowcat! And the details on it truly completes Vector prime's knightly feeling.

Vector prime's Force chip gimmick is basically sound effects. Once you insert it on either mode, a "warping" effect will be heard. If you move up the right arm, a bashing sound will be made, following by the same "warping" sound that I mentioned before. If you move the right hand without the chip, a firing laser sound will be made. Vector's sounds are not the best but aren't really the worst either. The reason why I won't take points away for him is because he comes with no batteries. The decision to put them is completely up to you.

Transformation: 8 - Easy, but fitting in some sort of way.
Durability: 7 - Aside from that force chip thing, he will be fine for years. Just put the chip on him or in somewhere safe.
Fun: 10 - The best. Period.
Price: 9 - From the pictures I have seen, Hasbro didn't change a thing in this mold. For $20, he is a steal! Importing him wasn't so bad either, as he was more than worth the $40 I paid.
Summary: 10 - Yes, a 10. If you plan on getting any Transformers this year, make Vector prime yours. He is worth every single coin you'll lose for him.

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