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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:
Technical Specifications:

Autobot Jazz's review of:
Galaxy Force Thundercracker

Name: Thundercracker
Group: Destrons
Function: Air superiority fighter

"Thundercracker is distinguished for enjoying fighting more than getting regular daily refueling. This excessive battle-fever affects the entire Destron force. While his skills are as yet unrefined, Master Megatron recognizes his ability to encourage others' fighting spirit. He is always sighting on targets, even while disguised as an Earthly jet fighter." (thanks to for the translation)

Thundercracker is so far my 3rd Galaxy Force purchase and the one I had to think the most about. I'd already bought Convoy and Starscream (the only ones I wanted so far) but I figured what the heck and bought him...and I'm not regretting it in the least. The main thing to remember is he's nothing like his G1 name sake and thats a good thing. On with the review.

Alternate mode:
Thundercracker's alt mode is a primarly gun metal grey fighter jet...he looks almost like an F-15 Eagle but it's the fins on his side near his main wings that give him away as something Russian, like a Mig-29 Fulcrum. The paintjob is highlighted by some great looking orange accents on the rudder tips, wing tips and flaps, aswell as a funky orange cockpit. The port for the force chip sits out of sight at the rear of the jet between his thrusters and blends in well until you put the chip in.

His force chip activates a hidden missile launcher in his fuselage that pops up and can be fired using 2 switchs on the side of the looks ok but cant really be practical when dog fighting...for that he has 4 moulded missiles - 2 on each wing.

Flip him over and you've got a fairly well hidden robot, though his legs are pretty obviously his thrusters. Over all a great alt mode that has some great molding to it.

Robot mode:
Bear in mind I'm trying to follow Japanese instructions; I like a challenge, but it was nothing of the sort. Follow the pictures and you're fine.

Generally I do like his robot mode; he kinda looks spindly and breakable but once you get him transformed he's pretty decent. There's some decent molding on the head with the back being translucent orange so that when he's held to the light...ah you know the trick. There's not a lot of detail to talk of really, with primary colours being the same grey with a royal/dark blue on the thighs, shoulders, head a feet. The main sticking point for me is his left arm, which is basically his missile launcher...and it's massive - you'd think balance would be a problem but you can get the guy into some decent poses. Couple this with 15 points of articulation and you've got an above average robot mode.

Force chip mode:
Plug in the force chip to the back of the missile arm in robot mode and it pops open, revealing an orange missile. Pressing the two grey buttons fires it, and it's got quite a bit of distance.

Transformation: 4 - not really a challenge for the fan...or anybody.
Durabillity: 6 - you get the feeling he could break, but hasn't yet.
Fun: 7 - yeah, I like him for his alt mode.
Price: 8 - not what I'd pay for a basic size (I think) as it's imported. 25 quid is too much even for Forbidden Planet.
Overall: 7 - you don't need him but he's not going to spoil your collection at all.
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