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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Alternate Mode:
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dedicon's review of: Starscream

Name: Starscream
Allegiance: Destron
Function: Warrior
Sub-Group: NA

Starscream's character has completely changed since the days of Generation 1. In Armada, he was torn between the Autobots and the Decepticons. In Energon, he ended as a loyal subject of Galvatron. In Galaxy Force, Starscream has returned to his goal of being the leader of the Decepticons/Destrons. Now, though he acts as if he is loyal, is actually strong, and not a whining coward. He is a dark and silent back stabber!

Vehicle Mode:
This toy is influenced by Starscream's War Within design, and it shows in this Cybertronian jet mode. Only, in War Within he was slick and thin, and here the jet is bulky. Starscream is in his traditional red grey and black colors with a translucent purple,and he's mostly plastic with a rubber nosecone. I was afraid of this at first, but the rubber is much stronger than the one used in TM2 Megatron, for example. It's actually a good thing, since the nose can still be sharp without hurting anyone. The gun is under the cockpit, and there are 2 guns sculpted on the sides of the cockpit as well. If you insert the Force chip, 2 translucent purple blades pops from the sides. Very nice. As for where to put the chip if you are not using it, worry not. You can insert it half way and it's still tight enough not to fall out, while not far enough in to cause the blades to pop out.

Robot Mode:
In robot mode, Starscream shows his War Within origins in all their glory. He is big and bulky, and the only Starscream to ever have a 9 in Strength (instead of something lower), but he also has a 9 in speed, instead of a 10. Starscream is a very nice robot to look at, but not to play with; his legs are very articulate, but his arms can't move very much. The hands can move in 90 degrees, and his arms can move up and down. That's all. He is mostly ratchet jointed and has no ball joints, though, so his legs are very stable. Some say his face sculpt is problematic, but I like it. It shows that, this time, Starscream is serious about his ambitions. The gun fits him well, too. A really nice display piece, overall, but I can't see much play value in him, other than the fact he has a cool TV character.

As for his gimmick, if you connect the force chip, the blades will come out, just like they did in the jet mode. Now, in the show, when he uses his chip ("Vortex Blade") he has a whole cutscene. And, in the end of it, he side-crosses them. In the toy, though, he can't. The blades come out vertically, and you can't move them, other than up and down. They still look cool though. And again, you can still leave the chip there and not take the blades out. So for the million dollar question: Is this Starscream better than in Energon? Well, depends. As a fun toy, no. As a better display? Depends on how much you care for upper body articulation. As a better Starscream? Yes, Galaxy Force Starscream is better.

The next question is probably: "Should I get this one, or the Supreme one?" Well, if the Supreme one will be the same toy with only some slight retooling, I'd go for this one. The size is more appropriate. He is smaller than Vector prime (even his box is smaller, though they are in the same Mega price group).

Transformation: 7 - Fun and Easy, but not radically easy.
Durability: 9 - I see no reason for it to break, and he is mostly ratchet joints and no ball joints.
Fun: 6 - The toy looks like its TV counterpart, but the lack of hand articulation and the misused gimmick takes away points.
Price: 7 - This one is going to be expensive, unless Hasbro will decide to import it, like they did with the smaller Energon Megatron. Don't pay more than $40 (shipping included) for him.
Summary: 8 - This toy represents Starscream best. Recommended, just don't be disappointed with the lack of articulation.

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