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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
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Box Art:
Technical Specifications:

Kamen's review: Wolfang

Name: Wolfang
Allegiance: Maximal
Function: Infantry

Tech Specs:
A pair of glowing eyes pierce the night like twin lasers scanning for prey. Steel-plated fangs glisten as the full moon rises. A deep growl rumbles in the night air. It is Wolfang, the warrior beast, searching for Predacon enemies! Swift and agile, prefers to hunt cloaked as an animal. But, quickly converts to robot mode for battle, when he can best utilize the secret attack launcher disguised as his tail!

When the first Beast Wars toys where released in the 1990's, I was, admittedly, quite interested. In Canada the lack of any Transformers toys and the fact that they had all but disappeared had me wondering if I'd ever get to play with those wonderful robots again. After picking up my first Beast Wars Transformer, a little alligator guy, I found out from the packaging that there was a wolf available. I tried several times, unsuccessfully, to collect these canine Beast Warriors, but never found the German Sheppard, the Wolf, or even later, the Fuzor Silverbolt – at least until today. It is, therefore, with great pleasure that I'm able to review this wonderful little toy from the first era of the Beast Wars releases, Wolfang.

Alternate Mode:

Wolfang’s alt mode is of course, a wolf. I'm not sure what kind of wolf but it may be just generic. He's almost solid grey with luminous green eyes, perhaps an attempt to make them seem to glow at night, and small spots of deep blue. A spot of black has been used to mark his nose. He's not very eye catching color wise but since he's from the second wave of the first era of toys (I think), I didn't expect much. He is, however, very well molded. You can clearly make out fur growth patterns, muscle curvature and even ruffles where the fur would bunch up from the creature’s movement. The wolf itself is quite muscular, and seems to be in good health. In terms of articulation in this mode however, Wolfang's molded in a static stalking pose. His back legs move but that’s about it. However, as I said this was one of the first beast wars era toys and it's still a beautiful piece to display. I'd also like to point out the only robo-kibble visible in this mode are his arms, which are curled up tightly under his chest and only really noticeable if you look at him from the front.

Robot Mode:

First off, transforming Wolfang is a breeze. I had absolutely no trouble even without instructions. This doesn't detract from his fun however.

In robot mode, Wolfang becomes a real knight. He's also one of the few Transformers with enough brains to carry a shield. A bit more color comes out in this mode – the aforementioned deep blue is accented with highlights of midnight black. Little bits of molding on his arms and chest are colored this way to help bring out the detail on his body. His head is blue with a silver face and green eyes.

There’s some real neat things about Wolfang’s transformation uses the critter kibble to form armor on his body. For example, where Cheetor’s simply hung off him, Wolfang’s forelegs form upper arm armor, while his lower legs form leg plates. His wolf head becomes shoulder armor, and even his wolf hips make it look like he's wearing lower body armor. The only bits that do hang off are his side panels, which in terms of kibble are acceptable to me. As I mentioned before Wolfang carries a large shield, which is formed out of the entire back of his wolf mode, and his tail becomes a cannon. The missiles for this cannon are hidden on Wolfang as the wolf modes ribs – simply pull one out of the slot which holds it, load the gun, and Wolfang’s packing a little crossbow, completing that archaic robot feel. Another neat little bit about Wolfang is his Mutant-Beast head. On the first generation toys you had the option of transforming your beast warrior with a more organic looking head or a robot one. In Wolfang’s case, it’s more a visor on his helm. This does seem to give him a gigantic silver chin but it makes for a cute battle mode. I can almost see him as a pre-Fuzor Silverbolt.

In terms of articulation he has eleven points: one at the neck, which is ball jointed but very close to the two for the pin joints that connect the upper arms to the shoulders), two at the elbows, two at the knees, and, if you really stretch it, two at the ankles. I'm not including the ability for the visor to flip up and down.

Marks out of ten for the following:

Transformation: 4 – Might be a bit tricky for someone who doesn't transform beast warriors allot but no chance of breaking anything on him.

Durability: 8 – I'm not too worried about paint wear thanks to his simple colors . Might need to watch the wolf legs and the missile shafts, as they are rather thin.

Fun: 10 – This is a personally biased grade. I love wolves, I love knights, and I love this figure. ^_^

Price: 10 – I got him for thirty bucks in a lot with a mega sized and a basic, so I'm not complaining

Overall: 8 – There are some minor points that keep this figure from getting a Perfect grade. The lack of alt mode articulation coupled with his worrisome missile shafts take away from his overall score, but he’s still a very recommended buy if you like Beast Warriors.

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