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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Tempest's review of: Transmetal Rhinox

Name: Rhinox
Allegiance: Maximal
Function: Strategic Defense
Sub-Group: Transmetals

Following the quantum surge, Rhinox emerged in the form of a massive mechanized rhinocerous. He soon discovered that his new beast structure gave him an added conversion: a heave-treated all-terrain vehicle. To a big, powerful and slow Maximal like Rhinox, the enhanced mobility is like a dream come true. He perfected new battle moves like pulling wheelies and devastating Predacons at high speed. Also, a new animalized robot mode improves his fluidity and skill on the battlefield.

He is the smartest of the Maximals, one of the strongest, and can always find a solution to a problem. Rhinox is the 'silent' bot. He knows what to do and how to do it. From being turned into a Predacon and back, only Rhinox stayed the way he was for the whole Beast Wars Saga. He was one of the original Maximals and made it through. However, at the time, Hasbro had produced numerous amounts of toys that never made it to the show. TM Rhinox was one of them, and I'm kind of glad they didn't change him. While the original Rhinox was smart and strong, this guy looks like a bulldozer. His alt mode, more or less is a bulldozer/tank (even though he has NO firing weapons.) But still, read on, he's not that bad honest.

Alternate Mode:
Not a bad piece of work here. A good blend of metallic and organic looking skin, with the main part of his body being metallic. He has a horn that tells you straight away "Get outta my way!" I mean the thing is huge. His face is a combination of grey and black, with those evil looking eyes that are red. His ears stick up tall which is ok I guess.

His hind legs become part of the alt mode and in my opinion they cause a bit of trouble. The front legs become his legs in robot mode, while his back legs serve a real purpose in his alt mode. The front legs a 4/3's larger then his back legs, making it difficult for posing in beast mode; however I usually leave him in tank mode. His sides behind his front legs are panels that lift up for his transformation, and have a gauge and some piping to make it look good.

Now this tank mode isn't too half bad. Like most Transmetal modes, it's fairly simple to turn into. However, the annoyance lies in his back legs. You can tuck them into a back compartment and bring them to make a tank. It is really, REALLY hard to get those little legs back out. I usually had to use my teeth on the little grooves at the knee. However, when I started to do this review, I realized that on the feet are little grooves which can easily get your fingers into. I comically hit myself in the head and kept writing. For the front part just bring the legs out and bring the 'tank shoes' in and your done.

Robot Mode:
This guy is a tank, he's got big legs, big body, big shoulders, and unfortunately, he is very very top heavy. His hind legs come up to his back, and act as dead weight, mean while his feet joints are loose, and they keep failing. This one of the major reasons K leave him in Tank mode. Apart from that, the figure is pretty good.

His Rhino horn comes out and acts as a stabbing weapon, but one day my brother got into my collection (he regretted it) and he put it upside down, making it look like a gun (IMO) and since then I've used it like that. The side panels that were behind the front legs in Beast mode just kind of sit their doing nothing. His chest still remains a bit organic which is good in my books, he also has like a green octagon thing that looks like it fires a laser. His head has a growling face on it, and his eyes are green.

Transformation: 8 - I found this guy tricky the first few times. With most TF's you have a few ways you can transform them. This guy has one way, and one way only of doing it. Plus you have to gently pull out his legs so they can turn around and become his legs.
Durability: 8 - This thing can stand one hell of a beating, and it has. Most of the joints are still tight except for his feet and arms. Also the horn has a little peg for it to sit and it doesn't get loose.
Fun: 6 - It's a good figure, but it takes a while to turn into rhino or robot.
Price: 7 - I picked him up $20 on card back in the day. He was the only one there so I got him. However, if they was something else there that I didn't have I would of got it instead.
Summary: 6 - A good strong deluxe toy, but not one of my favorites. Maybe because I had trouble with him, I don't know. If you see him on eBay cheap then get him, but I wouldn't chase around looking for him.

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