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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:
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Tempest's review of: Transmetal Rattrap

Name: Rattrap
Allegiance: Maximal
Function: Spy
Sub-Group: Transmetals

Following the quantum surge, Rattrap gained the advantage of a meched-out armor shell and a swift dragster vehicle mode. A top-notch soldier, his fellow Maximals rely on his reconnaisance reports to locate enemy outposts. The new hot rod mode has increased his speed and agility on the battlefield, and a powerful battle-whip blade that he wields while in robot mode has made him a powerful adversary to all Predacons.

He's small, he's squat, but Rattrap has got some attitude. From the green eyes, to his tail that kind of looks it belongs to a scorpion, to the wheels on his beast mode which make him move along. If he were alive he'd bite you just looking at him.

This is the second variation for Rattrap in the Beast Wars line, but don't worry he changes again in Beast Machines. This version is based on Rattrap after the Transwarp explosion on Earth in Beast Wars. As a result his form has changed, and in my opinion for the better. The first Rattrap was small, and had a spring loaded transformation, this guy takes a little used to be before you get it down tight.

Alternate Mode:
Today we look at the mighty form of Rattrap's Beast mode. He was tiny in the show, but he's just as big as Cheetor and Rhinox in this figure. His little front feet move up and down, plus they can move sideways, but that's only part of his transformation. His head is fairly detailed. It shows him growling maybe at a cat or a mouse trap, who knows? His ears are kind of stuck up at the back, and unlike his other mold, his eyes are green, instead of orange. This is strange, because for most of the Maximal animal forms, all their eyes are red. Maybe he's mellower.

His back legs don't do too much for me, because their main purpose is for the alt mode. There is one thing I've noticed, the red on his back and wheels have began to fade or disappear, which isn't a real biggy. Looking at him from the side he's kind of wobbly. Even is you set up the front legs and back legs the way they say, he kind of moves backwards and forwards. This is paying to the fact that his legs fold underneath him for his transformation. For some weird reason they put wheels on his legs that are molded in, they did it to give the impression that he rolls along, which is kind of cheap, but beggars can't be choosers.

His car mode is pretty simple actually. Just bring the front legs forward, pull the back legs out and fold the feet. And pull out the exhaust and BAM. However, when using my creative imagination I fold the legs out horizontally, keep the tail straight and it kind of looks like he is flying. It's what I do, eh.

Robot Mode:
I would say that he's a good mold, except for the fact that he's not show accurate. In the show, the wheels are at his shoulders, in his figure, his wheels are at the bottom to make it easier for transformation. If they made the mold bigger, plus added a spinning point at the back they could of pulled it off well. Apart from that, I can't really go against the guy, except for a few things.

The main point for me about his robot mode is his head, body and shoulders. I love the fact that his beast head becomes shoulder guards for him. I couldn't think of a better place to put them. The body is done nicely and reminds me heavily of the show version. I like head a lot as well, its going the brain thing showing, the face growling, a perfect combo. His legs however are a worry, because if you want to stand him up, you got to get the footing just right otherwise it won't stand if you bump him. The tail weapon is good, I always imagine him in an Indiana Jones situation, swinging from place to place. To me it also looks like the end part might open and start firing at people.

Transformation: 6 - Easy as pie. Took me once to get it done, and off she went. Remember, just got to be careful with the arms, as one goes one way, and the other becomes the hand that holds the tail in place for beast mode.
Durability: 7 - Joints are still holding up nice, the only thing is the red paint stuff that gives me the worries.
Fun: 8 - Hours of fun ahead, one of the better moulds of the Transmetal mould.
Price: 6 - Like most of my Beast Wars line I got them all on card. This was $20 and worth it.
Summary: 8 - One of the better turns out in the entire Beat Wars line, and vast improvement from the original design.

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