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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:
Technical Specifications:

PhantomWraith's review: Stinkbomb

Name: Stinkbomb
Function:Psychological Warfare

Some Transformers just tend to stand out in a crowd. They may be of exceptional quality, they may be oddly coloured, or, they may just be plain original. I've recently come into the ownership of a Transformer of the third kind. There are many odd beasts from the Beast Wars lineup. Tasmanian devils, cheetahs, and in the Japanese case, even a rabbit. Still of all these creatures, each of the beast modes had some standout point about them. Speed, ferocity, endurance...and then, there's Stinkbomb. Of all the creatures that could have been chosen for a beast mode, I have no idea why the designers ever picked such a strange little critter. Yet, he is still one of my favorites.

"Nine tenths of the battle is fought within the imagination"

Tech Spec:
A strategic specialist, Stinkbomb is fascinated with the study of Predaconial psychology. Understands the power-driven Predacon mindset and delights in manipulating it to Maximal advantage. Once taunted for his unpleasant odor, Stinkbomb's sharp wit, cunning tactics, and dangerous intelligence quickly earned the respect of his colleagues. Regarded by Optimal Optimus as a valued advisor and fierce warrior. Relies on serrated tail for close range combat. Photon emitters in optical sensors project hypnotic light spectrum capable of lulling enemies. Foul chemical spray causes temporary paralysis-nasty odor remains for weeks unless victim bathes in tomato juice.

Robot Mode:
I'm starting with this mode first since it's the one I got him in when the box came in the mail. A basic sized transformer, Stinkbomb is painted in Yellow, black and metallic gold, with applications of white and red thrown in to break it up a bit and bring out detail. Speaking of that, Stinky's just full of detail even for his size. You can very clearly make out two belt actuators in the tail that would drive movement, how many teeth he has, his individual toes, the fur detailing of his beast mode, (more on that later) and even small ribbits and screws on his legs that hold them together. Another thing that will strike you immediately is how much he looks like a certain Marvel superhero. He even has the mask, but his is red. In fact the only thing he's missing is the claws. This isn't to say, however, that Stinky's unarmed. You've just got to look for his weapons. Because they too are nicely tucked away on his frame. The foremost is that unassuming ponytail he's packing. This massive metallic gold 'doo' is actually his main weapon. It's mounted on a ball joint and with a simple twist flips up and over like a scorpions tail, becoming a giant head blade. It's almost as long as his whole body, packs a small claw and given his own size he could easily be a daunting opponent for a larger Beast Warrior. Amusingly enough, he's just the right size to nail Transmetal 2 Megatron right in the face. On top of this he has two metallic gold panels that can flip up from his sides. One appears to be a set of pipes, and the other some kind of magnet. Now, given his function as someone who royally screws with enemy heads, I can see these being used in tune with his optical hologenics to cause some real havoc. Finally, theres the two flip out panels on his shoulders. Officially, these hide his spark crystal and interestingly, the Transmetal 2 drive that was featured in the opening of the TV saga. However take a close look at those panels inside. They're speakers. Stinky seems to have taken a note from G1 Jazz, and packs an entire light and sound show in his little body. Couple this with his nasty spray and this is one little Basic you do not want to cross.

Beast Mode:
Stinkbombs beast mode is a Techno-Organic Skunk, a creature that even cougars think twice about attacking. He's small, but not overly so, and more white comes into play in this mode as his yellow robot body is all but hidden. His tail again dominates this mode, raised high over his back ready to gas some poor Pred in a stench so foul it'd make Rhinoxs farts smell like a spritz of Fabreeze. Now admittedly theres not as much action in this mode, but in this case its forgivable. He has all the requisites a skunk should have. Low stance, white stripe, large tail, badger-like snarl. Okay so the last ones just have something to do with the Transmetal 2 lot being something akin to Lycans or insane or some such thing. Anyway, he still delivers in the form of detail. Technology and animal fuse to make him ugly and imposing, and again you can make out mechanical bits showing through, in some cases even tearing the animal hide. One of my favorite details are the pair of disks on his shoulders that could easily be thought of as affecting the forelegs motion, and the animal spine running to his tail. This is why I absolutely love the Transmetal 2 line.

Transformation: 3. Easy enough but the legs can sometimes trick you as to which way they need to be turned.
Durability: 6. The metallic paint will flake and chip with time, and the ball joints will loosen, its just a part of line. Still he's pretty tough in either mode and I don't see him breaking without someone trying to on purpose.
Fun: 10. Again this may be a biased grade from me but he was fun enough for me to want to re-ad to my collection after my original one was broken by my cousin.
Price: 10.He goes for about 3-5 bucks in online auctions and he's not exactly hard to find. Mine came with my 30 buck lot.
Overall: 10.If you like Beast Warriors or just Transformer oddities you need to give this guy a chance. He will not disappoint.

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