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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Wildfire's review- Razorbeast

Name: Razorbeast
Function: Infantry
An infantry soldier with the power of a Predacon twice his size! Stubborn, aggressive and always eager to fight, Razorbeast battles with the ferocity of a starving pit bull! Even fellow Maximals try to stay on his good side, although he would never dare to disobey a direct order from Optimus Primal, who he respects as both a leader and comrade.
Allegiance: Maximal
First cartoon appearance: n/a

What to say about a character that never appears in anything but the comic that came in the Megatron/Optimus Primal two pack? Uhm…he throws marvelous dinner parties!

Beast mode
Razorbeast is a warthog, and fierce looking one at that. He is primarily red with a black mane, black eyes and black hooves. His teeth and tusks are white and he has a stripe of tan down his back that leads into his tail. Razorbeast can move his legs at the hips, but that’s about it.

Robot Mode
Another one of the first series flip changers, transforming Razorbeast is as easy as pushing up on his tail, then freeing his arms from the beast modes sides. Remove the warthog’s mane and flip the double barrels out of it and you have his gun which fits in either hand. My main complaint is Razorbeast’s lack of paint in this mode. The only new color added is gold for his eyes, but there are so many details that could have been painted to look better. Razorbeast has nine points of articulation in robot mode, all of these ball joints.

Transformation: 1 - Very simple
Durability: 6 - Lots of ball joints could lead to missing limbs in time
Fun: 6 - Tough little ground soldier, needs more paint though. Just not as dynamic as some of the figures of his size.
Price: 6 - Could be steep, but since he’s not a major character or even a well know one, you might get lucky. Or you could get BW Neo’s Randy.
Overall: 6 - I don’t know about this guy. He just doesn’t strike me as a great figure. He definitely needs better paint ops.
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